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“I’ve had an extra hour in bed” said no parent ever…

The clocks have gone back, and therefore it was said,
That we’d all get a whole extra hour in bed.

But to whomever said it I wish to complain,
As clearly it seems that this change was in vain.

We’re all up at 5 and with nothing to do.
As even CBeebies is sleeping in too.

And all we’ve achieved on this dark autumn day,
is that bed time’s a whole extra hour away!?

“Spring forward, fall back” is all just a farse,
When our offspring still wake at the same crack of arse!

It’s now GMT which means “Grumpy Mum Time”
So sending you all hugs and coffee (and wine!)

Dawn x

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16 thoughts on ““I’ve had an extra hour in bed” said no parent ever…

  1. This gave a mum who has been up since 5, along with all the others, the first (and probably only!) chuckle of the day! I also read it aloud to my husband who was suitably impressed! Adding ‘that’s bloody brilliant! She’s really flipping clever!’ So I think he summed up both our sentiments today! Especially as it’s a running joke in our house that usually by 8am, one of us is shouting ‘how long till bed time??!’ Going to be a killer waiting that extra hour!
    Awesome as usual!

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