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Life Changes – A guest post by imatwinmama – #Cheers!

Welcome to the sixth post in the “Cheers!” Series!

Those of you that have popped by my site before will know that I am a tiny bit obsessed with rhyming. “Cheers!” is a series of rhyming guest posts that I am honoured to share, mostly with a parenting theme, from some of the most talented and lovely people in Blogland!

This week I am very pleased to feature the brilliant imatwinmama, who made her blog debut back in December and is doing a great job of “Figuring a few things out since two small people exploded into her life.”  A statement which I can very much identify with, (although I had a two year gap to prepare for my second explosion – two wonderful explosions at the same time is mind-blowing and worthy of a medal in my opinion!)


This lovely lady has quite honestly left me some of the greatest comments I have ever received on my posts, and has come up with some amazing rhymes, which have generally been far better than my original post on which she is commenting!  Seriously, if only I could share comments!?

This of course identified her as my next potential #Cheers! victim superstar and after some not very subtle hinting on my part (I might have stalked her a bit) she sent me this…

Life Changes


Oh, how life changes

In just 15 years

In with Prosecco

Out with the beers

In with homecooking

Out with kebabs

Whilst swaying home drunk

(No money for cabs)

In with the Mom Shoes

Out with the heels

Sod what they look like;

I just care how it feels

Out with posh lunches

In with soft play

I got told off for going

Sock-free there today!

Rebellion used to mean

Sex, drugs and booze

Now it means sneaking in

A quick little snooze

I used to dance on tables

And party through the night

Now by 10pm (at most)

You’ll find me tucked up tight!

It used to feel like torture

To get up at half past seven

Lie-ins now mean anything

Past six is simply heaven

The most important thing back then

Quite simply put, was ME

Now what I need, or want or like

Is simply not priority

Motherhood means sacrifice;

My daughters’ needs come first

Sometimes my love for them

Makes me feel my heart could burst

But sometimes all the clambering and

Crying gets too much

I want to run away somewhere

And simply not be touched!

An hour or two is all I ask!

Just once a week or less!

A time where I’m not clearing up

Everyone else’s mess!

Out with my youth

In with cuddles and Bing!

My life may be less free now

But I wouldn’t change a thing



“I’m a mid-30s mama who once upon a time never wanted kids and then suddenly got broody as I sped towards 30 and was very surprised by a twin pregnancy! It pretty much turned my world upside down but I feel I’ve really grown as a person since, and I wouldn’t have it any other way. I love reading funny/sarcastic/no-nonsense mummy blogs and hate unwanted parenting advice!”



Thank you so much for writing such a lovely poem – I’ve been thrilled to share it as part of the #Cheers! series.  Sending wine!  (Ooh and there’s a badge too if you fancy?)


Rhyming with Wine

If you would like to feature in the “Cheers!” series, whether you are a seasoned poet or brand new to rhyming and just fancy giving it a go, please get in touch! I’d love to hear from you!

Dawn x

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32 thoughts on “Life Changes – A guest post by imatwinmama – #Cheers!

  1. Wow! If I ever have a crappy day and need a pick-me-up, I’ll read this feature to read your kind words and put a big grin on my face!

    I hope this poem resonates with fellow mommies; I know that reading your work and the work of other bloggers has really helped me get to grips with how much life changes after kids.

    If we didn’t laugh, we’d cry!

    Thanks again 🙂 xxx

    1. See – you have such a way with comments lovely! This one made me quite emotional! Sorry it’s taken me a while to reply as I’ve been away, but it is absolutely my pleasure to feature your post and I totally agree with you in that this blogging community is just amazing. Thank you 🙂 xx

  2. Amazing!! Yes, this sums up the huge shift in absolutely everything your life was, just perfectly!! We are practically hydrated on prosecco, falling asleep over Netflix every evening, and hug, high five, and temporarily love our children just a little more than normal, should they sleep till 6.30 in the morning!! Really clever, perfectly true, and a very talented poet you are!! Thanks for sharing with #bigpinklink

  3. It can be so easy to lament all the things we lost now that we are Moms but as you put it best I wouldn’t change a thing. It may not always be fun or perfect but it couldn’t possibly be better! #dreamteam

  4. Lovely poem. Poems are such beautiful pieces of writing when they are done just right and this is. I must endeavour to try writing a poem or two one day.

  5. This is amazing! Sums up life with kids perfectly, although I always preferred prosseco to beer!Really honest and heart warming post, I love it. I’ve never heard of this blog before so I’ll definitely be checking it out xx #bigpinklink

  6. It is so true, the meaning of fun and rebelliousness is very different after you have kids. I always feel like I cant complain though, I had my fair share of fun when I was younger!!! I do wish I had been a little bit more productive with all that free time pre-kids though xxx #bigpinklink

  7. This made me smile because I can absolutely relate to so many of those in-with’s and out-with’s. Or in my case, lots of out-with’s and that’s about it. Despite everything, there is nothing better than the sight of your little one is there 🙂 Thank you for linking up to the #DreamTeam x

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