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To My Little Man’s New ‘Me’…

A recent change in my hours at work has meant that Mstr Tot will be starting at his big sister’s wonderful nursery for one day every week.

Today is the first time that I will have to leave him.

To My Little Man’s New Me…

Today I might be tearful as we walk up to your door.
My Boy will spin the windmills as he’s always done before.

Image shows a colourful toy windmill in a garden.

He’ll run to press the buzzer and I’ll lift to help him reach,
But when you ask who’s calling please forgive my trembled speech.

I know when Miss Tot gallops in her brother follows too,
But where before I’ve scooped him up,
Today, he stays with you.

Today I turn and walk away and leave him in your hands,
And trust that you will meet his needs and (some of) his demands.

He’s not quite like his sister, who’s embraced your care with joy.
He’s only just turned two and very much his mummy’s boy.

I know your care’s outstanding and I know he’ll thrive and grow,
But don’t know how he’ll take it when he sees me turn to go.

He’s never been in childcare and we’ve rarely been apart,
So handing you my baby feels like handing you my heart.

Please see behind the sobbing and the tantrums and the grumps.
Please know that he’s a sweetheart full of giggles, smiles and ‘jumps’.

Please know he’s worth the effort.
Please excuse and please forgive,
As once you’re in his circle he has so much love to give.

I know in time he’ll settle and I trust that he’ll be fine,
And soon he’ll reach to take your hand whilst letting go of mine.

You’ll care for both my babies, keep them safe within your walls.
And humour my emotions and my frequent check up calls.

But as I hand him to you now and turn to walk away,
There’s just one special thing I need to ask of you today.

I know it’s quite a lot to ask, but could you possibly?
Please love him like your very own.
For this day,
Please be me.

October 2014 (71)

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41 thoughts on “To My Little Man’s New ‘Me’…

  1. Oh Dawn! I got all teary over my crumpets!!! We are in the midst of separation anxiety and my little guy only wants me so I can imagine all too well how you feel. Beautiful rhyme, I hope everything goes well for you both, my love xxx

    1. Thank you Ellen. We had a few heartbroken moments when I first tried to leave him, but once he was successfully distracted by his sister I managed to sneak away and he was apparently fine after I’d gone. Only a short settling in session so we’ll see how his first full day goes but it went better than I could have hoped. Thank you and good luck dealing with a fellow clingy one xx

  2. This made me well up. It’s really beautiful Dawn! Gulp. This’ll be me in a few months and I dread it… Thank you for sharing x

    1. Well if it helps at all he did settle yesterday after a pretty traumatic first visit the day before, and went on to have a fab time. He was all smiles and jumping about when I went back for him. I’m sure you will be ok too when the time comes. Sending hugs in advance xx

  3. This is so beautiful and heartfelt , I feel you’ve written on behalf of all mums who have to say goodbye to their little ones for the first time. I hope the first day goes well and you can keep yourself busy and keep your mind off it. #marvmondays

    1. Thanks so much for your lovely comment. The drop off was tough but he apparently settled ok once I’d left and it helps that his sister can be drafted in to play if he has a wobble. So far so good. Thank you for reading x

  4. Wow this made me cry. So lovely. It perfectly sums up how heart-wrenching it is to leave your child at nursery. Even though you know that it gives them so much! Thanks for sharing this #MarvMondays

    1. Thanks so much Angela. I can honestly say it’s one of the hardest things I’ve done as a parent so far. Particularly as he gets so upset when I leave. As you say though I know it will help him develop and he’ll enjoy it in the long run. Sorry for making you cry! Thank you for reading x

  5. Dawn! This is so beautiful … I literally have streaming tears. *added to this rotten cold it’s not a pretty sight. I know I always say it, but I will say it again anyway. You have such a way with words. Somehow you have bottled up all the emotions of leaving a little one for the first time in childcare and let them explode into you gorgeous rhyme. I hope mstr tot is enjoying himself, it’s such an adventure for them. Thanks for linking up to the #dreamteam xxx

  6. This is lovely. It’s always emotional settling your little one into nursery and Poppy will be going to nursery 4 days a week from January. Eeek! I hope Mstr Tot settles in wel. Thanks for linking up to #marvmondays

    1. It is so gut wrenchingly emotional for us, but to be fair I think these little people seem to take it in their stride and actually handle it far better than we do! Thanks Fran – and good luck for you and Poppy in Jan. Sure she’ll love it. x

  7. Aww, you made me cry! I remember taking my kids to drop them off, I really think it was harder with my second one! #dreamteam

  8. Oh lovely, this made me cry! It’s so true and exactly how I feel when I drop Emma off at nursery…she is often full of angry tears that I am leaving her, and although she enjoys it, it is so hard. All you want is for the nursery staff to take care of them like your own. It’s great that his sister is there too though 🙂 Such a beautiful poem and thanks for linking up to #dreamteam x

  9. Oh this has brought a tear to my eye as I know in 3 short months I am going to be doing the same thing! I hope it went well for both of you. Such a lovely belt heart felt poem xx Thanks for hosting #DreamTeam

  10. Ah Dawn you mad me cry again!!! ??? I am completely rubbish and am coming to you today from last week’s #DreamTeam because I forgot to do my reading, but I’m so glad I went back having read this! ? Xxx

  11. This is a lovely one Dawn! Touched a chord in every line. I went through it a year ago when my Little Man started nursery… one year on he’s now in pre-school and loves it! But I clearly remember those tearful (him and me) mornings when I had to leave…

    Motherhood is so damn emotionally heart-wrenching sometimes!!!

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