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May the adventures commence!

How to start with my very first Blog?  Well, I suppose a good place to start would be around the time of the birth of our son. Mstr Tot is now approaching his first birthday, and his birth completed our little family of four as he joined ranks with his big sister in their mission to occupy our every waking moment.  This time last year as I was waddling around, feeling fat, hot, nervous and very excited….

12/09/2014 – A poem from Mummy.

Today is the 12th of September, We’ve finally reached your due date.

There’s no more time left to come early.  It appears you’ll be fashionably late?

As I waddle along on my cankles, I’m lovingly stroking my tum.

(Although somewhat emotionally challenged, and concerned by the size of my bum!)

We’re finding it very exciting, Braxton Hicks, little kicks, false alarms.

We wake up each day thinking “maybe today?” you might move from my bump to our arms?

I feel that I already know you.  Feel each kick and each tiny heartbeat,

But it’s time now for you to get wriggling, so that our eyes may finally meet.

You’re probably feeling quite anxious, about the short journey to come,

But know that we’re waiting with cuddles for you.  Your sister, your dad and your mum.

A lifetime’s adventures are ready to start and throughout I’ll be there at your side.

But I’ll always look down at my now stripy tum and remember when you were inside.

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