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Maybe Just A Touch Less Cake? #1

Image shows the silhouette of a girl running against an evening sky.

Less Cake.  Moi?

I know what you’re thinking. In fact my lovely blogfriends at Absolutely Prabulous & Shank You Very Much once heard me say something similar and said this:

You see it’s no secret that I am a bit of a cake fiend.  Love the stuff.  I am one of those people that finds great comfort in face-planting a cake in any hour / moment of need.  Thing is I also find that cake is quite good for celebrating the less needy of moments too.  You can see where this is going can’t you?  As apparently can my nan!  I had a special book made of some of my soppier and generally less poo themed rhymes for her for Christmas, and included this picture:

Image shows me holding my 6 month old son in black and white.

Her first comment upon receiving the book was “Is that a picture of your friend?”  To which I replied “No Nan.  It’s me.”  She studied the photo for a moment before adding “Well it looks nothing like you.  She’s thin.”  Which is of course exactly the kind of comment that you want to hear after you have just finished inhaling your Christmas lunch but before you’ve been able do justice to the Christmas pud!

This Hasn’t Been The First Comment Of This Nature.

I wore a new fitted, stretchy top thingy for work a couple of months ago, and was met by our office’s lovely cleaner, who beamed at me, made a *bump* gesture with her hand and said “New Baby?”  “Nope.  Just pie.” I shrugged and sloped off, vowing to never wear the stupid stretchy top ever again.  I mean seriously!?  A woman would have to have a small human climbing out of her hoo-haa in front of my very eyes before I would be so bold as to assume that she was pregnant?  Pfft.

Anyway.  These loving remarks have not gone unchecked in this little rhymer’s baby-wiped brain, and so I have decided that it is time to get my ass moving and stop putting quite so much cake into my face.

No Fads.  No Regimes.

I’ve tried them.  All of them.  Charlie at Mess & Merlot is sharing a fantastic series about positive body image and I was lucky enough to take part.  It took a bit of soul searching but I aired my thoughts on body image and reflected on how mine has changed so much since becoming a mum.  I don’t need to do anything drastic.  I’m still teetering within the healthy range on the BMI scale.  I just know that for me, it’s time to be a bit more mindful.  Body image is a personal thing, and we each know for ourselves what feels right.  I just know that my many pairs of jeggings clothes are starting to feel the strain, and I don’t have the energy that I should.  I’m starting to feel sluggish, and I know I need to get a wriggle on.

The Aim.

BritMums Live #BML17 is happening on the 30th September, and myself and my fellow Yorkshire buddy Gems of Colleys Wobbles will be winging our way to ‘That London’ for the big event.  By this time I want to be feeling happy and comfortable in myself.  I could probably do to lose about a stone, but not by any extreme measures or radical quick fixes.  Just by making some subtle changes to my day to day mummy shenanigans.

Less Cake.  More Moving of the Ass.

If you’re looking for health and fitness or weight-loss advice, or the newest fandangledest cure for the wobbly bits, you’re unlikely to find it in this series.  This will just be my way to track the small changes and keep myself focused.  Anyway, I’m actually rather fond of my wobbles.  They’re part of me and my story.  I’m just not so keen on each of them inviting their mates around to set up camp.  The wobbles are taking over.  My plan is simple – move more and take a bit more ownership of what I’m eating.

A Mummy Adventure –  Of The Not Very Epic Variety.

Like many of my lovely readers I’m a mum.  For me, this equates to having less than zero time for indulging in lengthy workout regimes, special shopping efforts,  or cooking many things ending in ‘oia’.  I also have absolutely no inclination to throw many pounds at bits of “must have” equipment and magic beans. Instead I shall simply be putting a few less half eaten toast crusts and pilfered Jammie Dodgers into my pie-hole.  I’ll be indulging in more impromptu dance parties in the kitchen with the tots, and walking to feed the ducks a bit more frequently.

I do however intend to try out a free ‘couch to 5k‘ app as inspired by a number of gorgeous fellow bloggers who have taken up the gauntlet recently.   I’m very good at the couch bit, but I can honestly say that I haven’t run anywhere since around 1996.  I’ll be back to tell you more about my first ever attempts in my next post.  I’m fairly sure there will be a lot of huffing and puffing and looking like an angry beetroot involved, so that should be something to look forward to!?

In the meantime…

Are any of you on a similar mission?  Are you with me as I poke my wobbly bits and sigh? Does the idea of queuing up to get weighed in a dusty school hall make your eye start to twitch? Well how do you fancy joining me and making our own little support group?  We could be each other’s spotters!  Leave me a comment maybe?  (Oh go on, please do, otherwise I’ll look like a proper Billy No-Cakes!)

Wish me luck and I’ll be back next week with my first update!


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99 thoughts on “Maybe Just A Touch Less Cake? #1

  1. Good luck gorgeous!!
    You can do this.
    I bloody love cake too – it makes me happy. I have to want and like what I’m eating or I just don’t bother. Trouble is i prefer the taste of chocolate to fruit… Hey ho ??
    will be cheering you on every huffed and puffed step of the way xx

    1. But chocolate comes from cocoa which grows on trees therefore by definition is fruit? So like a box of milk tray is technically a salad? I’m right aren’t I? Please say I’m right…? ? Thank you lovely Gemma. I shall hear those pom poms whilst I heave my wobbly bits out of bed at 6am! ??? x

  2. Good on you D-Dog, I absolutely love your approach and I bet you’ll notice a difference from a few “less leftover crusts and Jammie Dodgers”. Like you say, few people have the time or the inclination to dedicate every spare moment to prepping meals or gym sessions, especially once little people are in the picture.
    Thanks for mentioning the She Loves Herself series, it honestly makes me so happy when someone says they found it a worthwhile experience even if it can be a little difficult to actually say nice things about ourselves sometimes (sad right?!).
    I’m so excited you’re doing the C25K, it’s tough but weirdly addictive- just keep going. Cheering you on virtually with a big slice of cake at the 5K finish line!!!
    PS your Gran sounds just like my Mum – NO filter! 🙂 I have to say I’ve seen you in real life and you looked perfectly lovely to me, but I know how it feels to just want to feel a bit better about yourself once that button starts to pinch. I’ve actually put weight on since I started running – don’t panic, it’s just coincided with me eating a few too many family sized bags of Revels, like they’re going out of fashion, not the actual running!
    I always feel like running should burn at least 3 times the amount of actual calories it does given how absolutely knackering I find it – so unfair *huffs*
    Oh and I’m not even joking, I actually read this scoffing some of Flump’s leftover birthday cake, just a small slice though obvs 😉 Life’s too short right?
    Charlie xx

    1. Oh Charlie this comment had just made me beam. Every bit of it. I have so much admiration for your approach to health and body image and I think the work that you’re doing to promote a bit of mumma self – loving is incredible. Sometimes life just calls for a bag of Revels and who are we to argue with that? Life is too short! Your C25k landed in my feed at just the perfect time as I had my first run on Saturday. It did help give me a little boost as I hit a bit of a crunchy bit on my second run this morning. Thank you again. All the bloglove! ??

  3. Dawn, I love that you are planning to do this without going to extremes. “Extremes” might get the weight off, but then it comes right back on! I love my bit of cake as well and posted this last September to tell how I’ve chosen to handle it. http://www.delightfulrepast.com/2016/09/sugar-toxin-or-treat.html
    And I’m posting another cake recipe in three days, but at least half the cake will be sliced and frozen for a future date before I even take a bite.

    1. I love the view that you have taken on sugar Jean. I totally agree – why waste your sugar allowance on junk when you can savour delicious home made treats instead. I’ve read about your idea to freeze half of a cake too and think it’s genius. It’s the only way to stop me thinking ‘Well I need to get that eaten’ which is such a waste of good cake! Brilliant tips. Thank you xx

  4. Ahh good luck to you!! I had to give up cake two years ago when I went gluten free, somehow it made it easier knowing I cant have it then knowing that I could if I wanted to. I do eat a lot of chocolate though, and crisps…now if only they were gluten free! I look forward to following your cake-free updates! #mg

    1. Oh that must be hard Laura. My hubby had a few months gluten free last year and while you can get the flour etc the cakes just don’t turn out the same do they? Thank goodness you can still enjoy chocolate though! Thanks very much for popping by x

  5. Woo go Dawn you can do it!! I also want to do the C25k..I went for one run 3 months ago and haven’t been since, I felt so sick afterwards..is that normal?! I like your approach to this and I’m sure you will be looking amazing by BML xx #mg

    1. Oh thanks so much Wendy. I did my second run this morning and I must admit that I thought I was going to be sick after climbing a particularly steep part so I know what you mean! Are you going to #BML17? It would be brill to meet you! ?

  6. Aww thanks for the mention. I’m still chuckling over Billy No Cakes and the anything ending oia!! I can’t get over your Nan…does she by any chance have Northern Indian blood in her? They (er we) are a blunt bunch lol. Good luck lovely. Just make sure you have a bodyguard helping you on and off the treadmill x PS seriously make sure you read up on effective stretches because they will be extremely important in preventing injury and helping post-run recovery. I speak from experience!

    1. Bless my nan. She will never win any awards for subtlety, but then at least you know where you stand with her? Thanks so much Prabs. I’ll definitely look up some stretches. So far the pain from the blisters is drowning out all the other pains but I think as I start to run for more than around 40 seconds I’ll really need to make sure I’m prepared!

  7. Good luck – and I can’t believe your nan said that! I’m on a similar mission, not because I need to lose weight (I’m one of those annoying people who somehow ended up skinnier after having a baby than before), but because I know my eating habits are gross and I’m out of shape. As a busy working mum, I don’t have lots of time to exercise, but I know there are little things I can do – walking to work, doing yoga at night after the toddler has gone to bed, and yes, eating a touch less cake. #DreamTeam

    1. Oh I would love those genes. In fact any jeans that aren’t elasticated and stretchy around the middle would do me really? I blame blogging for my lack of exercise as it takes up every second of my ‘not already filled with other mummy and wife stuff’ day. I’ve had to negotiate the running into a 6am slot. At least the light mornings will help for now? Good luck with your mission too. Although I’m sure I’d live entirely on cake if my genes would allow it so I don’t blame you! x

  8. I totally get where you’re coming from here! My Nan, my Mum and random ladies at church are always commenting on my fluctuating weight but I do love a bit of cake!
    Best of luck with it all, I know you can do it! #DreamTeam

    1. Thanks very much lovely. Why do people comment on things like that? If they feel they need to comment on something go with the shoes! Nobody wants their waistline brought into general conversation do they? ? 😉 x

  9. Aren’t Nan’s great?! Trust them to tell it like it is! I’m in a similar boat and would love to shift just over a stone but also agree daddy diets and expensive gym memberships aren’t for me. My biggest downfall is chocolate and the fact I will happily snack on it all day. I have no idea how much of the stuff I actually consume I just raid the fridge for a few pieces throughout the day and I’m sure I’d scare myself if I added it up over the course of week. Portion sizes are another problem, I seem to plate myself up as much as my husband who has the fastest metabolism known to man and cycles 200 miles a week! Good luck with your endeavours, I’ll be following along x

    1. Oh thank you lovely Alana! To be fair I’d be exactly the same with chocolate if I allowed it into the house. I purposely keep supplies to a minimum to avoid the temptation. I’m also not great with the portion size thing, and I’ll tend to be really disciplined until the 3pm munchies hit and then the biscuit tin starts screaming at me. Then once I’ve fallen off the wagon I have to inhale all of the things! Gah! Thank you for your support lovely. I’ll be shaking my pom poms for you too in your mission. 🙂 x

  10. Good luck lovely! Im in the same predicament, want to lose a bit of weight to feel a bit comfier in my clithes and I know that all it will take is willpower no drastic diets and excercise regime i just need to cut back on my treats! Will be following your progress! #DreamTeam

    1. Thanks so much Pam. I’ve been feeling this way for about a year now. My weight has gradually crept up since I stopped breastfeeding my youngest nearly 2 years ago. Sometimes it’s the subtle changes that are the hardest to get into place? Thank you for your support xx

  11. I don’t recognise you when you don’t rhyme! 🙂 Good on you, good luck in ‘That London’ – if I can manage to get my hands on a ticket we will definitely meet this time!! xx #DreamTeam

    1. Oh yes yes yes Kimberly! This time I’m taking a giant hat with a daffodil on it and shall pounce upon everyone as they register to ask if they are Kimberly or not! It would be fab to meet and I’m still do disappointed that I missed you at Blogfest! Thanks hon ?

  12. Ahaha this is basically my motto! Not going to lie, I’m a big fan of Slimming World (and it’s dusty school halls ?) butbhaving lost the main 3 stone I wanted to now I have re-jigged my approach to include more CAKE! And then some weeks I realise; just a little less cake this week! As they say, it’s all about balance! Good luck with the 5k, you’re a braver woman than I! #DreamTeam

    1. Wow 3 stone is incredible! I have heard great things about slimming world, and I had a lot of success some years ago with Weight Watchers and their dusty school halls too haha! Unfortunately any frequenting of halls nowadays (dusty or otherwise) would have to involve me taking my two feral offspring and it would not be pretty haha. Hence the aversion! Well done you! You have earned your cake lovely! ?

  13. That cleaner!!
    It is chocolate for me. I think I am actually addicted.
    Time for exercise can be tricky, but I enjoy walking and my daughter is still young enough to sleep while we walk, so I try to get out for her naps.
    Good luck!

    1. Oh that’s such a blessing when you can walk with them in a pushchair isn’t it? I walked miles after my two were born (had a huge double buggy nicknamed “the tank” with the second). It soon got the baby weight off lugging that beast around! (Pushchair = beast. Not offspring.) It’s hard now as the little one does not do being chauffered any longer, but also doesn’t walk further than around 15 metres without wanting “carry”. Meh. It’s enough to make me want a cake! Oh. Hang on… ? Thanks Lucy xx

    1. Oh I can imagine it must be easy to replace cigarettes with snacks? It’s a good job I’ve never smoked to be honest as I’d be terrible! I think a certain amount if wobble is to be expected, in fact applauded after having kids! ? Thanks lovely x

  14. I love cake so you have my sympathy. It takes an awful lot of my daily will power reserves not to much cake all the time. I used to have a ‘no more than one piece a day’ rule. But I exercise a lot less now I’m a ma, so I often forego so I can indulge guilt-free on others.

    Some things that might help: try making some sugar free muffins or flapjacks to give you energy and a bit of sweet? I have a couple of yummy recipes which I’ll link in a mo. Also, does your phone have a pedometer app, or could you get a basic Fitbit or something? I’ve had a Fitbit for years and the competitive so-and-so will always do a little bit more when that step count is lower than I would like. Cue me walking from 1st to 5th in my building earlier so I can have a treat later when I go to the cinema with my friend.

    Best of luck. You’ll do great and you’re right to just take it slowly. Trying to go for a 6 days a week, 45 mins intense cardio and weights thingy never works for any of us… #DreamTeam



    1. Oh Angela thank you so much for this advice and the recipes! I’ll pop by and check them out now. They sound like a great idea! I must admit that I’d love a fitbit. It’s possibly something I’d need to add to my birthday list as we’re moving house so all non-house related expenditure is on hold for now. I have a feeling that I’d very quickly become obsessed with it and I’m convinced it would do me the world of good though. Thank you again for your lovely comment and support xx

  15. I love cake! Sad times? Eat cake! Happy times? Eat cake!

    I’m changing my ways too, mostly due to health problems but am also avoiding queuing in village halls and fads!

    Good luck!

  16. Oh good luck, Dawn. I’ve never been one for fad diets, but every so often, I feel a bit like you and spend a few months being extra vigilant with what I eat and cut out the treats. I think it’s a great idea to have an event as your goal, and I BML17 will be a great motivator for you 🙂 #dreamteam

  17. I definitely need to get up off the sofa (so to speak) – I can’t say I do much sofa sitting with two little ones but I don’t do enough exercise to make me feel good about myself. Maybe I should do the 5k with you… #dreamteam

    1. Oh please do! I’m only 2 runs in so you could join me? I just woke up on Sat morning and said “right I’m doing it!” Downloaded an app and off I went! I’m only 2 runs in but I felt better for getting out in the fresh air immediately. Let me know if you try it xx

  18. Yes!! I probably spend far too much time moaning on my blog about needing to lose weight than I actually do doing something about it! I go for runs (with plenty of walking every few seconds) and fast 2 days a week, simply because I’m also terrible at stepping away from the cake! I’ve lost a stone since I had baby, but my wobbles still have wobbles so I have a way to go. I’ll definitely be checking back in to this series to see how you do (and hopefully encourage you of course!) #DreamTeam

    1. Oh thank you lovely. It sounds as though you’ve done brilliantly! I tried fasting but just found that I was making up for it on the non-fast days. There’s no hope for me haha. Thank you for your support and I’m shaking my pom poms for you too! Dx

  19. Ah good luck lovely! I definitely have a bit of a cake issue myself and have been using breastfeeding as the best excuse to eat more than I ever have in my lifetime. I think I may join you in a month or so’s time when I’ve stopped and the weight starts to creep back on, I can so see myself in so many things that you’ve said 😉 Emily #DreamTeam

    1. Oh Emily I’ve met you and you are perfect! I guess it’s how you feel though isn’t it. Breastfeeding was my downfall as I lost the baby weight both times and dropped to a weight which was lower than typical for me. That’s what I’m comparing myself to now though and I’d really like to get back there. Let me know if you do decide to join me and I’ll be there to shake my pom poms for you x

  20. I love your attitude , Dawn! I love Charlie Cakes’ series (my nickname for her because she makes exceedingly good cakes). Go for it , girl! Get off the couch for me as well! #dreamteam

    1. Oh I love your “Charlie Cakes” nickname. I think I spotted it once before on a comment from you and it has stuck in my mind ever since. Her IG feed is incredible isn’t it? I think she’s such an inspiration too as her attitude to health and body image is so sensible in my opinion. Thank you Jane. ?

  21. Hi, good luck on your quest I’m sure many of us are in a similar position reading this. I keep meaning to try the couch to 5k app. This might inspire me to go this #dreamteam

    1. Oh thank you Chloe. I’ll be writing a post about my first week on C25k next week which I’ll link up with #DreamTeam in a couple of weeks. I’m 3 runs in and so far so good, but I’ll share it gory bits and all for you so you can see if you fancy it. Hope you do! I’ll be here cheering you on 🙂 xx

  22. Love the classic assumption that you are pregnant even when it’s a food baby! I get bloated a lot with an allergy reaction.
    But now I actually am pregnant and I’m concious that the healthier I am the better I can hope for a easier labour (fingers, toes and everything else crossed). So I’m walking. Three levels. Bronze = 8000 steps, silver = 10000, and gold = 12000 steps. Doing ok so far. Could this help you?

    1. Oh I love that idea. I really need a pedometer of sorts. I have one on my phone but it’s not particularly accurate, and despite being addicted to blogging I don’t actually have my phone attached to me enough to really track. I’m holding for a fitbit I think but they’re quite pricey so I think I’ll have a wait! Everything crossed for you from here too lovely, and thanks x

  23. Best of luck Dawn. I can’t wait to find out how you get on.
    As for me? Well my weight is stable – and I say that because it is. I’m not saying I’m happy with it, but it’s been the same since before my first child, then I picked up 10kgs, then another 5kgs. Then after my second child it was exactly the same story. After I stopped breastfeeding I stabilised at the exact same pre-baby weight, just a bit more muffin top and a lot less boob. Then I had both hips replaced in 2015 and since then I’ve been exactly 2kgs more than pre-op weight – I’m convinced that each new hip joint weight 1kg more than my original joints to which my surgeon had a shocked look on his face. Even when my husband was on his low-carb diet and lost 16kgs and I ate almost the same diet as him (except with wine) I didn’t lose even 1/2 a kg. I guess this is me.

    1. I think there is a lot to be said for knowing your comfortable weight and maintaining it well. I can see how frustrating it must have been to not lose anything when you were putting the effort in, but then as long as you can eat without gaining either it sounds like your winning to me! I bet you’re right about the hips too! I know I’ll never be anywhere near the lower end of the BMI scales as it’s not my shape or build and I’m ok with that. I just know that I feel heavy for me and I need some exercise, both physically and for the mental boost. Thanks for your fab comment. The support is really appreciated. Dx

  24. Hi Dawn, I love this post. I feel your pain! I love cake as well and virtually all puddings, but it seems that my once fast metabolism has at last given up the goat now I have 3 kids? It’s rather alarming. So I’m definitely with you. Though i need to find something other than running as it doesn’t suit my tricky knee! #dreamteam

    1. I’m with you hon. I never used to have to think too much about what I was eating within reason, but it definitely does creep up on you post children, and I don’t think it comes off so easily either? Would swimming work for you? They say that’s the ultimate exercise for bad knees etc don’t they? It’s just a pain that you end up having to wash and dry hair etc. Takes far too long for me! Thanks for your lovely comment x

  25. Oh goodness I’m with you – on every level. Man I love da cake! Every day I get up and think right – today is the start of getting myself back in shape and then I end up scoffing cake or chocolate at some point. I think the problem stems from never having to worry about what I was eating when I was younger – I exercised a lot so could pretty much eat what I wanted. Now I don’t exercise at all and then wonder why my jeans are so tight! I have no self control at all arggh!! #Dreamteam

    1. I’m convinced that it’s my tumble dryer that is making all my clothes tight. It must be? Can’t be anything to do with all the biscuits or sofathons? ? Maybe it’s your tumble dryer too? They should come with a warning haha. Thanks lovely x

  26. I am 100% sure that you do not need to do this! I am also 99% sure that I probably should. But…life with no cake? Really? I will support you in whatever way I can my friend, but just how exactly are we to give up the cake?! #DreamTeam

    1. Oh my lovely Mrs L! I have seen you on the telly box (celeb! ?) and you have definitely no need to reduce your cake intake. In fact please keep eating it. As I have stopped I fear that the whole global supply and demand balance could crumble! Oh and don’t worry. #BML17… There shall be cake! ? xx

  27. Is it wrong that this post made me think more about cake than it did exercise!!! Hmmmm Victoria sponge ???
    On a serious note though good luck with your new fitness adventure. Just remember to do what makes you happy and don’t be too hard on yourself ?? #dreamteam

  28. I would never assume someone is pregnant either. That’s just so rude. I could lose a few pounds as well. I too am in the healthy range but a while back, while playing with Peachy, something popped in my left knee and it has been giving me trouble ever since. I can especially feel it when I’m carrying Peachy, so I suspect that the weight I put on it is preventing it from healing properly. I’m 5’6″ so I can carry a bit of weight on my bones and not look huge, however between the height and the “bit of weight” I actually weigh quite a bit and my knees don’t care how tall I am. I have been doing some exercising too but it’s hard to change old habits. We still have to try. #DreamTeam

    1. Oh I never thought about taller people carrying more height relayed weight and it taking its toll on joints etc. That’s a really good point! My knees are terrible since having kids (I think it’s the crawling about!) And they’re definitely worse since I’ve gained weight. I’m only 5ft 4 though so I have no excuse. Oh well? Thank you for commenting and I hope your knee starts to recover soon xx

  29. Oh god, I know just what you mean. Just lately I swear I have been eating just because the damn food is there. There is this weird irony in that the husband is a bloody gym freak now – it’s all about the carbs and protein for him these days. Which means he virtually lives in the gym the minute the little man has gone to bed. This of course results in us not eating together, which in turn means I’m not eating particularly brilliant at all. In my eyes – he’s going one way – all muscle and fit and I feel like a slob. I need to do something but I just can’t be arsed!! You have inspired me! I have a holiday in a little over two months and I think that needs to be my half a stone goal! Good luck! #DreamTeam

    1. That sounds like a plan Jaki! I’ll be right here shaking my pom poms for you. I know exactly what you mean – when my hubby kicks his healthy habits up a gear it instantly makes me want to rebel haha. Good luck to you too lovely! Keep me posted xx

  30. I do wish you luck my lovely!!!! It is hard to give up cake, so hard. And chocolate, I really believe I am addicted! I go through phases of being happy with my body and then thinking gosh I need to loose weight. Be you, love your body no matter what, and I truly hope you can feel better about your gouges body soon, good luck beautiful xx #mg

  31. i really want to lose my mum tum but i love food too much! ive been trying to eat healthy but i always just feel hungry… i just ate fishcakes and a whole pack of cauliflower rice and still starving… im going to polish it off with a glass of fizz which will add in the missed calories hahahaha!
    hope to bump into you at #BML! #dreamteam

  32. Know you are not alone in this. I have a tyre that’s appearing around my waist according to my mum. Always one to put me down and get to me. I know she means well but ends up upsetting me. I too would like to do the couch to 5k but I don’t think I know how to run. #DreamTeam

    1. Oh Helena I’m sending you a hug. I’m sure people mean well when they say these things but if you’re like me it just sits and festers in the back of your mind doesn’t it? I have never run in my life and I’m asthmatic too so really not cut out for running, but so far the C25K seems great. I’ve just done the first week so far and I’ll be stepping it up a bit in the morning with the first of my week 2 runs. I’ve actually found it great just to get out of the house with some music on my phone and get some fresh air at 6am before anyone else is around. If you fancy trying it let me know. I’ll be here to shake my pom poms for you xx

  33. Good luck lovely! I can’t say no to cake or cookies or ice cream or anything else and I am starting to worry about the beach holiday we’ve booked now! So I
    May have to join you as much as I hate diets and don’t own scales ? #MG

    1. Oh I hate diets Catie. I’m trying not to think if this as a diet. Just more of a “make a few more healthy choices” move? I am sure that you will be just perfect as you are on that beach lovely. If you do decide to join me though I’ll be right here cheering you on! ?

  34. Good luck to you. I’m on a similar quest. My blog is very new but you should see some posts on there about my weight loss. I too love cake, and chocolate, biscuits, sweets, pastries etc etc. I piled on weight over the last 5+years and have recently taken a stand and said “no more”. It’s time to get rid! #DreamTeam

  35. Oh I love this! I am actually on a similar mission to basically stop eating crisps and chocolate for the majority of the day, much to Walkers’ dismay I’m sure. I did the couch to 5K app once and it is fab, although I did find the woman’s voice a little grating as I was getting a bit angry and tired running (that’s almost definitely just me!!). Thanks for hosting #dreamteam with me lovely xxx

    1. Oh I must have a different app as mine is quite a friendly American chap. I’m quite good at taking orders so I don’t argue with him. He says run so I just do. It’s good to know you’ve done it too Bridget. Good luck with your mission too xx

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