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How to “Meet other Mums”.

There once was a lonely new mummy,

Who found it occasionally tough,

To sit all alone with her offspring,

As frankly – it wasn’t enough.

It’s not that she wasn’t besotted,

With her beautiful bundle of joy,

But there’s only so much conversation,

To be had with with a small girl or boy.

She’d always had so many friendships,

With school friends and work pals galore,

She’d always be out every weekend,

And staggering home at half four.

But now she was governed by childcare,

And frequently on a curfew,

With limited gossiping subjects,

That mostly revolve around poo.

She longed to have someone to chat with,

To ask “Hey – does your one do this?”

A someone who’s not phased by play dates,

Or put off by snot, poop and erm wee.

iStock_000024777607Large (1)

So, snuggled at home with her offspring,

She thought that it had to be time,

To stop bloody Googling “rashes”

And search for a Mum friend online!

This Mummy was not disappointed,

She quickly found “Meet Other Mums

Who gave her a very warm welcome,

And offered a host of new chums!

She logged in and entered her details,

And registered quickly for free,

Then set up a tailor made profile,

Whilst dreaming of play-dates and tea!

She listed her hobbies and interests,

Her values and parenting style,

Her frankly obscene cake obsession, 

Her background and what makes her smile.

She noted the “Looking for” section,

And searched through the options with love,

Cocktails and coffee and play-dates

She swiftly ticked “All the above!”

Then one little click onto “Matches”

And there they were – simple as that!

So many like minded Mummies,

All local and happy to chat!

The Mummies and offspring united,

And formed an incredible force,

As strength is located in numbers,

(And plenty of cakeage of course!)

With years of adventure before her,

And days not as long as they were,

She wandered off into the sunset,

With lovely new friends…

Just like her!


Meet Other Mums is a brilliant site, which allows Mums to search for other Mums in their area who have similar interests, access a great chat room, and take advantage of unique offers.  For example, New Members will currently receive a unique code for 15% discount when shopping at JoJoMamanBebe!  Who doesn’t like a discount?

Meet Other Mums also hosts a blog feed which I am very proud to feature in, along with some of the best writers in the blogosphere.  You can check them out here.

Thanks for reading!

Dawn x

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26 thoughts on “How to “Meet other Mums”.

  1. great rhyme as always! they didn’t have this when my girls were little…. although I’m not sure I would have been brave enough to sign up if they did lol – but what a lovely idea for mums.. ah the friends I could have made haha! #bigpinklink

  2. Love it! I think the most boring part of the first two years of motherhood is the inability to chat with the person you’re devoting all your time too! Even when they start talking, it takes a while before they turn into real conversations! Do share at Practical Mondays too!

    Heading over from #bigpinklink

  3. Hi dawn, another excellent one. Being a Mum to little ones can be lonely and having someone to share it all (and laugh) with makes it a touch easier.

    I had endless conversations with the dog, that helped too.


    1. Hi Debbie. Finding some mum friends was a real turning point for me as I didn’t have any other close friends with children. Life changes so much and it’s so important to be able to talk to (and laugh with) other people who can relate to what’s going on isn’t it? Thank you xx

  4. Fab rhyming skills as always!! I love the idea of a website that matches up like-minded Mum’s in need of someone else to chat with over a coffee (even if is just to discuss the colour of babies latest nappy!) #bigpinklink

  5. Hi Dawn, another great rhyme and what a brilliant idea. When I had daughter 1 I felt so lonely and the words in your rhyme really resonate. It’s such a shock going from 0 to 1 and in my opinion all subsequent additions were so much easier, mainly because I then had developed a support network…as well as the fact I knew a little more about what the hell I was doing! Alison #TheDreamTeam

    1. I totally agree Alison. Two little ones was / is flipping hard work, but nothing compares to the shock and the adjustment needed when your first arrives. We all need other people in the same boat to chat to. Thanks for commenting. Dawn x

  6. Fabulous rhyming, my dear. You had me laughing at your crossed out line – but why? See that’s why we were not matched up!!

    The website is such a great idea as well, it’s easier than trying to “pick up” a mom hahaha…

    Thanks for sharing with #bigpinklink

    1. Maybe this is where we are going wrong? Maybe all we need is a T shirt or a badge identifying us as cake fiends and the mum friends will come flocking! (I’m still considering moving to Aus. You and I could do some serious cake damage haha) xx

  7. You are so good with the rhymes! I loved it and it was so true about how you fall off the friend wagon after having kids. That’s why I love this wonderful community of supportive parents. I will have to check out the meet other moms site. #bigpinklink

  8. I love the idea of this site. As a new mum and living in a new place I did feel quite isolated and wish I’d had something like this. I managed to find friends through baby groups. Your rhyme is excellent as always and a great way to introduce meet other mums. Thank you for linking up to #ablogginggoodtime ?

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