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A Mother’s Day Treat from Debenhams!

I’ve learned that Mother’s Day and “Daddy Pig” are not compatible.

For my very first Mother’s Day Daddy Pig surprised me with something sentimental, timeless and precious.   It was a battery operated stuffed dog that barks and wags its tail.  Not quite the diamond eternity something something that I was hoping for, but at least he remembered.  Unlike the following year.  Anyway, the other night he lovingly uttered the words: “Am I supposed to buy you something from the kids for Mothers Day or what?”  To which I replied “No Love.”

I on the other hand love to buy gifts, and especially for Mother’s Day.  It’s so nice to be able to treat someone, and shopping for mums is the best.  I’ve found that I have a new level of appreciation for my own mum now that I’m a mum myself.  I get it now.  This gig is blimmin hard work at times!  I was therefore thrilled when Debenhams got in touch, and offered my mum and I the chance to go for a spot of retail therapy…

A Pre-Mothers Day Treat!

It was a date!  I waved the hubby and the kids off at the station and boarded a train to retail heaven, or Leeds as some people know it.  Met my mum in the bustling arrivals area and we headed off like two excited adventurers.  There in the distance was our shiny destination… Debenhams!  Aka Mum Shopping Utopia.

Image shows myself and my mum in front of Debenhams store in Leeds City centre.


The Adventure Begins…

… With coffee.  Obviously.  We decided that no shopping should be attempted without first ensuring that we were properly fuelled.  The (ridiculously tempting) cakes were stared at longingly, but actually bypassed in favour of two very tasty sandwiches and enough latte to have us both vibrating happily to the tills. Very much gossiping was done and the week’s events were successfully dissected before we headed off on a mission to shop!

Like most mums the two of us took a little while (few minutes) to switch on the shopping radars and get into the swing of it.  We both giggled at the fact that I have clearly inherited my mum’s talent for putting things in baskets, which we rationalized is entirely down to our female ancestry as foragers.  (Those nuts and berries didn’t collect themselves you know!)  To celebrate our heritage we worked out a methodical route that would take in all of the vital exploration zones.

Hide and Seek in Homeware:

Image shows the homeware department and a blurry image of half of my mum as she dashes behind a shelf.
Bonus points if you can spot the hiding mother.

Both of us actually fell in love with the same worktop saver (it had ducks on don’t you know). I also decided that I was ready to embark on the rite of passage that is: “Buying a spice rack.”  So many of our mothers have one.  I felt that I was finally ready for one of my very own.  What better way to mark my 5th Mothers Day than with a practical kitchen appliance? (It has finally happened.  I am a grown up.)

By the time we had worked our way down to the first of the women’s clothing floors we were in serious shopping mode.  My mum found herself a gorgeous bright turquoise top and pretty floral floaty number (perfect for spring) and some stylish black trousers.  Debenhams has long been my clothing venue of choice and I headed straight for the Apricot concession which never disappoints.  Three visits to the changing rooms, about seven “Mum what do you reckon?”s and a couple of “which floor are we on again?”s later…

We had ourselves a haul!

Image shows items of clothing and Mum browsing rails.
Our ancestors would be so proud!

Our mission was nearly complete.  We piled our collection onto the counter and my ever resourceful mum whipped our her folding shopping bags.  One day I too shall be that organised. For now though… I have a spice rack.  That will have to be enough.

We skipped out of the door with the fruits of our labour. We obviously set the alarms off with a rogue security tag (standard), but managed to style it out fairly well I think?

Image shows me stood outside the doors of Debenhams waving two filled shopping bags.

All that was left to do now was to congratulate ourselves on a brilliant Pre-Mothers Day afternoon.  Obviously this involved cake.  Because we are mums, and we’ve earned it.  (And because cake.)

Image shows two coffees and two large cakes.


Looking for Inspiration?

Mother’s Day is on Sunday 26th March this year.  If you are wondering how to treat your mum (or yourself!) you can view Debenhams’ brilliant range of ideas in store or on their website. They have pretty much everything that we mummies could wish for including:

  • Beauty gifts
  • Jewellery
  • Nightwear
  • Candles and Home Accessories
  • Personalised gifts
  • Chocolate
  • Hampers
  • Beautiful fresh flowers delivered to your mum’s door on Mother’s Day.  (Last order 4pm Saturday 25th March.)

(No battery operated, tail wagging, barking, stuffed dogs though?  Funny that… 😉 )

How about a voucher for your mum to exchange for a whole world of shiny new mummy things?
Image shows clothes and homewares laid out on a bed.
My mum’s fabulous goodies!
Image shows three tops hung up in a changing room.
My own happy haul. (Plus the very grown up spice rack of course!)

I wish you all a lovely Mother’s Day, and I hope that you all get the lie-in, cuddles and cake that you all deserve.

Image shows myself and my mum grinning in front of the camera.
Thanks Mum. I get it now!

Disclosure:  Debenhams very kindly sent my mum and I each some vouchers to enjoy in their store as a pre-Mother’s Day treat.  All opinions are of course my  very own (and my mums!).

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30 thoughts on “A Mother’s Day Treat from Debenhams!

  1. I love Apricot too! Another thing we have in common!! My skirt for Baby Lighty’s christening was from there. Love both of your hauls, and the pic of you at the end with the shopping bags is fab!! Happy early Mother’s Day Dawn! xxx

  2. Dawn, I love this post (I love *all* your posts!). I don’t like shopping, haven’t liked it since forever, but I bet I’d still enjoy shopping with my mum. It was always an adventure, even our last time out a few months before she died, such a hoot!But what is that strange beverage you were drinking? Doesn’t look like tea (the *only* hot beverage) to me!

    1. Oh thank you so much Jean. I’m sorry that your mum isn’t around any more but I’m so pleased that you have such lovely memories. I’m not a big lover of shopping usually but a day out together can be just perfect can’t it? The drink is a latte. I’m usually with you on the tea but I can always be tempted with a latte too. Thanks again lovely xx

  3. Hi Dawn, I have never fully recovered from the hours being dragged around Debenhams as a child. My Mum loved the shop so much she ended up working there. I do have fond memories of the cafe on the fifth floor, though, what can I say except bribery works?

    You never know, if you are really lucky this time you could end up being given the spices that go in the spice rack!

    Happy Mums Day!


    1. The cafe is definitely a highlight! Ironically the Leeds branch has theirs on the 5th floor too. I can’t say I ever really came as a child though so it’s still a shiny new experience for me as an adult. As for the spice rack I decided to take fate into my own hands and buy one already stocked! ? Happy mums day to you too. I hope you are truly looked after and pampered xx

  4. What a lush treat for you and your mum and I even managed to spot the mum in the pic above! Love a good old Debenhams haul combined with cake what a perfect Mother’s Day treat!

  5. Back again from #coolmumclub! This post gave me a bit of blog envy! I want to go shopping with my Mum on the blog ha ha 😉 Well deserved lovely – hello RWW’s Mummy! x

  6. Sounds like you and your Mum had a pretty wonderful time together and I’m very pleased to see cake was involved. Debenhams look like they have some wonderful bits in at the moment, I really must pop in. Thank you for sharing with #bigpinklink x

  7. What a fab day out, looks like you both had a lot of fun and got some great goodies! Especially love the cake at the end….wouldn’t be a shopping trip without cake would it! Happy Mother’s Day #coolmumclub

  8. Oh I love Debenhams too! I definitely need to invest in a spice rack – we have a spice box (which basically means all the little glass bottles are chucked in a tub and we can never find the one we want when we need it!) It looks like you had a fab day out, and I hope you both had an equally fab mother’s day!


    1. That’s exactly what we had up until this point. It’s just one of those things I never got around to buying and I love it now it’s on my side. We had a fab day thank you Lucy and I hope you did too. Thanks for hosting #blogcrush x

  9. What a lovely spice rack! We got one a couple of years ago as a wedding present and it was probably one of my most favourite gifts. Does the fact I have a spice rack and carry reusable bags around with me mean I’m doing this adult thing right?! 🙂

    It looks like you had a lovely time together. I love the space saver and the cake looks delicious!


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