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Mummy Can You Play With Me? – A #Cheers! Guest Post by Media Mummy

This week’s #Cheers series rhyming genius comes from a very exciting blogger mum that makes programmes for the actual telly!   She’s currently taking a bit of a maternity “break”(I use the term loosely) to look after her two gorgeous little ones, and a few weeks ago she made her blogging debut as Media Mummy.  I am sure that many of you will have already come across her work, but to those of you that haven’t met her yet, I’m very pleased to introduce you to  Kimberly.  Want to know more?  How’s about trying on a couple of her blog hits so far: Happy Birthday to Meeeeee! Is a celebration of the slide to the big 40 with which I am also very familiar (*Fist-bump*), The honest and totally relatable Second Child Guilt (again *Fist-bump*) or the one that totally hit my “rather random but hilarious” quota: An Ode to Stain Remover. (This one rhymes too! *Fist-b  – Just bring it in here for a virtual hug!)

For now, handing the rhyming reins over to Kimberly…

Image shows the shadow of a mum, baby and toddler against a brick wall.

Media Mum

“Mummy Can You Play With Me?”

Toddler. First born. Arms stretched out
Babbling “Mum-mum play?”
Of course I will my sweetie
I’m off work, I’ve got all day!
I’ll be the race car, you be the truck
Down on our knees for an hour
Brumming and vrooming all over the house
Who cares about cleaning the shower?
Pregnant with second. Toddler’s got bigger
“Play with me Mummy, play play!
I want to build towers, so you be the digger
And scoop up the mud when I say.”
OK little monkey, but Mummy can’t crouch –
We’ll have to play up on the table
This bump’s getting heavy, my back’s really sore
But let’s build a house while I’m able.
Newborn is home. Number 1’s a big brother
“Let’s play a game, Mummy please!”
I’m feeding the baby, sweet. Later today?
I’m so tired I’m down on my knees.
“But Mummy you said that my new little sister
Would love to play games with me too.
She’s really quite boring and cries all the time
Please play Mummy, please I want you!”
Oh sweetie it’s hard, it’s just when she needs feeding
I have to drop everything, see?
Then there’s washing and ironing and hanging and drying
It’s been hours since I last had a wee.
Little one’s toddling, big one’s at school
Where did the time go, wowee!
Now she wants to play but I’m still washing up
And I haven’t yet had time to wash me…
“Mama play!” she begs me now.
Her eyes all big and round
So I manage Hungry Hippos til
My ears can’t take the sound
Fast forward a year. They’re old enough
To entertain each other
It’s cute to watch but suddenly
Her playpal is big brother.
Hey guys, can I please join in?
That looks so much fun! I call
“No – it’s not a game for Mummies!
We don’t want you playing at all.”
Waaah! Poor Mummy! I do a fake cry.
But they couldn’t give a toss
What they’ve gained in playing together
Is a teensy bit my loss.
But at least now I can wash up
With no guilt-fest “Play with Me!”
Get ‘Pointless’ and the kettle on.
(Or pour a cheeky G & T.)




I’m a Mum to a 3 year old boy and 5 month old girl, currently on maternity leave from my job in TV. I think I’ve missed the creative bit while I’m off, and found this time strangely inspiring, so it felt natural to sit down and write about it whenever I can. I’ve been blogging only a month now, but loving it. Just lacking the hours in the day (as I’m sure everyone says!).


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37 thoughts on “Mummy Can You Play With Me? – A #Cheers! Guest Post by Media Mummy

  1. I’m loving this post (Your meter is fab)
    I’m loving the honesty, too
    I understand that it’s hard to let go
    But babies grow up, it is true

    I don’t know the feeling of having a bump
    Whilst a toddler hangs off my legs
    It must have been difficult, mustering the strength
    While he whines, cries, shouts and begs

    There are some advantages to two kids at once
    There are times when they will play together
    I look at them playing and laughing and singing
    Aware they won’t be toddlers forever

    I remember feeling bereft when the realisation dawned
    That they weren’t my babies anymore
    Now they were toddlers, children, girls
    Would two be enough? I wasn’t so sure

    Part of me wishes they’d stay young forever
    That these innocent days wouldn’t end
    But the great thing about them getting older
    Is that one day, I’ll call each of them my friend

    So try not to cry, as your babies grow up
    But if you do get upset, just think
    One day you can all laugh at the memories
    Whilst sharing a bloody good drink!

  2. Ahhh fabulous rhyme ❤️ We keep threatening to have two fairly close together so the toddler/bump or newborn scenario may be one I become very familiar with! For now I just have one guy and I ALWAYS choose playing over housework ? Yeah my house looks like shit but hey…. time will fly, right?

  3. I really like your rhyme Media Mummy particularly how it gives a perspective over time. Mine now play together and i often can’t join in because I don’t do t right! #marvmondays

  4. What a smashing guest post! I love the way Kimberly describes the changing tones to ‘mummy play with me!’. I do wonder if I am destined to remain Little Buttons play pal forever as an only child though having read this :-O #MarvMondays xx

  5. Ah brilliant! As a Mum of one I haven’t got this luxury so for the foreseeable I’m destined to be the number one playmate- at least until daddy gets home! 🙂

  6. Ah this is really lovely! My daughter is so wanting a sibling now although I think it will be a fair while before that happens and they’re really able to play together with such a big age gap! #MarvMondays

  7. Very well put, Kimberly! You absolutely sum it up. I loved it when my number 4 came along and would actually play on her own. Now she’s 12 and she is still very self sufficient and happy with her own company. I love the way you detail the progression. Alison x #DreamTeam

  8. Aw this is so me at the moment! My daughter wants to play a lot and I’m feeding my newborn or trying to do a load of washing. We do play when we can but luckily Nanny helps out a lot. Great rhyme and thanks for sharing with #bestandworst x

  9. Enjoy that g&t 🙂 This is a fab poem, love it ! My boys are now at the stage when I am not allowed to play, then I feel guilty that I haven’t played with them, despite them not wanting me to – not sure how that works lol! x

  10. So true. I’m just too tired sometimes to sit on the floor and play with Amelia and max is 3 months and thinks he’s nocturnal! #bestandworst

  11. I love this series Dawn, and what a fabulous rhyme! This is so honest and true of mummyhood and that pull to play with our kids. I only have one and always ditch the chores for a play as she’s an independent lady 😉 thank you for linking up to #dreamteam xx

    1. Aw it’s great that you’re good at the playing. I’m good at taking mine out and about but my mind wanders if we’re at home and should be playing with train sets etc. I must do better!! 😉 Thanks so much for hosting and your lovely comment x

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