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Now You Are Four….

A poem for my little lady on her fourth birthday.



My gorgeous little lady, you’re now celebrating four.
In less than half a blink it’s somehow birthday time once more!?

I’m not sure where the time’s gone as you’re still brand new to me!
But what a year of magic we have had since you turned three!


Your eyes are filled with wonder as you question through each day,

“Why?” and “Where?” and “What’s it for?” and “Mummy what’s it say?”

You’re cheeky and demanding and you’re not so great at “Please”.
Your hair is always crazy and you’re muddy at the knees.

You’re quite obsessed with mini beasts and going out to “hunt”,
Or diving off the sofa in some daring “Watch me!” stunt.


You love to stick and draw things and you’ll colour in for hours.
But you are NOT a “Stinky Bum” because “Girls smell like flowers!”

You’re caring, kind and loving, seeing fun in everything.
You’re worshipped by your brother whom you keep beneath your wing.

You’ve settled well at nursery, in fact you’re doing great,
Your favourite teacher loves you and you’re now “Her little mate”.

And yes you might be cheeky in the little things you do,
But you try to be a good girl and I never get to “…..Two!…”

We’re proud to be “Best friends” and be your “Happy Family”.
And could not love you any more, your brother, dad and me.

Farewell my little threenager, it’s time to become four.
And fill another year with hopes and memories once more.

So now my cute Fournado there’s just one thing left to say….

I love you now and always Tinks.

Happy fourth birthday!


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