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Now you are one.

To my Little Man.

Today is the day that you, our precious son,
have your very first birthday and proudly turn one.

This day will be fab from the minute you wake,
as we fill it with presents, balloons and with cake.

A day of emotions and photos galore!
(Though you won’t have the faintest idea what it’s for).

A candle we’ll light to mark time ticking on. 

Your baby days now are officially gone.

On this day last year we had our first embrace,
as I first held you close and I first saw your face.

You’ve grown up so much since you popped from my bump,
as a helpless, immobile (but beautiful) lump.

You’ve learned how to sit and to stand and to crawl,
you can lift your own head, smile and clap, throw a ball.

You’ve perfected weaning and chewing and more.
(You shovel in food like a small dinosoar).

You crawl to my feet and you reach for my face.
(Pretend to want hugs while you bite my necklace).

With your tufty blonde hair and your cute toothy grin,
one simple word “Mama” melts me from within.

You’re quickly becoming a real little man,
so I cherish the mummy hugs while I still can.

The baby days now just a fond memory,
but to me, my baby you’ll forever be.

Your hand prints will grow with the passing of time,
but they’ll still be the hands that once gripped onto mine

With all my love on this most precious of birthdays and always.

Mummy x

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20 thoughts on “Now you are one.

    1. Thank you so much for reading and for your comments. We had a lovely day thank you – especially our Little Man, although he had no idea what was going on. Thank you for hosting such a fab linky #justanotherlinky :0)

  1. Awww… such a beautiful post. First year is a very special year. All those milestones they come through. It is so amazing to see them grow. Thank you again for linking up with me. #FabFridayPost xx

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