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Now You Are Two…

A poem for my little man on his second birthday.


I want to complain.
There has been a mistake!
There appears to be candles x 2 on your cake!?

It seems just a heartbeat since you became one?
I just can’t get to grips with how quickly it’s gone?

Twelve months have passed by in a magical blur,
And you’re double the age that you yesterday were!

I’ve watched you emerging from baby to boy,
Your mischievous smile fills my heart with pure joy!

Your toddle has launched you to jump and to run.
Your eyes seek adventure, your hands reach for fun.

You no longer wail when you hear the word “No”.
But the boundaries are pushed just as far as they’ll go.

You eat like a pro now with spoon and a fork.
And “Mmmuuhh” has evolved as you’re starting to talk.

Your character, courage (and feet) have all grown,
And you’re stepping out slowly to try things alone.

You’re my brave little man and the world’s your soft-play!
You get kinder and cuter with each passing day.

You’re harassed and adored by your sister – “Miss Tot”.
But you’re starting to give back as good as you’ve got!

We’ve watched you develop and flourish and thrive,
So here, with much love, is your birthday high five.

Which is sealed with a hug and a promise to you,
As we stare down the barrel of “terrible two”.

We’ll embrace this next year with incredible pride,
And we’ll treasure each day that we share at your side.

To my beautiful boy on your journey to three.

Happy Birthday!

With love and big snuggles from me.


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26 thoughts on “Now You Are Two…

  1. There appears to be candles x2 on your cake – oh I could feel the soaring emotions of how did that even happen? What a totally adorable rhyme for you to have as the most gorgeous memory of your little boy aged two – just wonderful! #MarvMondays

  2. Ahh Dawn, you’ve made me very nostalgic about my two at two!. Now 7 and 9, I can remember baby chinos with my son at 2 and taking my daughter to music class when she was that age. It is seriously ridiculous how quickly the time passes. I can remember some ‘terribles’ moments but loads of ‘incredibles’ too. X #marvmondays

  3. This is lovely! My little dude turns 2 in November, I’m still in denial and trying not to think about it. Where does the time go?! A lovely way to write to your little man and something to look back on in years to come. Enjoy celebrating!

  4. Aww happy birthday little one! Its crazy how quickly the years start to go from baby to toddler, toddler to pre-schooler *sob*. I hope he had a lovely day, another lovely poem 🙂 Thanks for sharing it on#MarvMonday

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