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Ode To Mr Clingy Pants…

Image of a mum holding her newborn baby over her shoulder and him looking at the camera.

The Boy is sleeping peacefully and safely in his bed.
A fluffy comfy duvet and his teddies by his head.

The gentle morning sunshine falls so softly on his eyes.
It’s 5am. His mum’s not there so instantly: He cries!

And as his dulcet tones reach out and penetrate my dream,
I wonder if I’ll ever get to wake without a scream?

I give a little sleepy groan and wonder what to do.
He’s not a tiny baby now – in fact he’s nearly two!?

Instead of gaining confidence he seems to have regressed.
And simple things are tricky now – like mummy getting dressed?

How dare I try to leave him and attempt to have a wee?
Without his tiny Lordship trying to climb upon my knee!

His lack of social etiquette is truly a disgrace.
My friends bend down to greet him but he screeches in their face!

I take him to the dentist, sit together in the chair,
She reasons that he’s sleepy as he wails with diva flair.

We’ll wander into playgroup but he keeps me in his grip.
And plays with just one hand so that I can’t give him the slip.

We drop Miss Tot at nursery, they try to say “Hello!”
But Little Man will not oblige, he simply wants to GO!

I tell them that he’s teething, hot, or grumpy from the car,
I offer some excuse, but this is just the way things are.

To him this socializing gig is somewhat overrated.
So all these other humans frankly won’t be tolerated.

And God forbid we utter “No” if he does something wrong?
As even if we whisper it he’ll still burst into song.

The neighbours must have wondered what goes on behind these walls.
When screeching like a tortured beast my infant stands and balls.

I’ve checked with Doctor Google and embraced all  good advice.
But secretly, if truth be told
“Clingy” can be nice….

I wrap him up within my arms and hold him to my chest
And feel his breathing steady as he calms and finds his rest.

I savour this small moment as I know there’ll come a time,
When tiny hands no longer feel the need to cling to mine.

And though that grip may loosen as the years pulls us apart.
There’ll always be a little boy still clinging to my heart.

Image of a little boy with his back to the camera looking into the distance towards fields and hills in the distance.
Love from one soppy mummy x

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110 thoughts on “Ode To Mr Clingy Pants…

  1. Aw! Fave post ever! You clever thing! So beautifully written and perfectly captures this phase in our life too #dreamy #smoochies #goyou xxxxx

  2. Awwww this is gorgeous. Made my eyes leak and everything. He loves his mummy so much and who can blame him, you’re awesome. I wish my two were more clingy like master tot, they all seem to be about Daddy at the moment. Master and miss tot are super cute and a credit to you. Xx

    1. Ah thank you so much Gem. You are such a lovely friend! Your two are always so confident and happy, in fact I don’t think I’ve seen either of them not smiling! They might be all about Daddy on the outside but they’ve got their amazing Mummy at their hearts. Mummy and friend hugs xx oh yeah, and a little bit of cake…. 😉 x

  3. Awwwww!!! I love your ending. I have a cling-on at the moment, honestly… it’s like we are buttoned together. I have to make a run for it to the loo and lock myself in, then I have her hammering on the door to let her in and Mr Button standing outside the door trying to pursuade her to stop. It drives me potty but your rhyme has reminded me again that it’s just a fleeting stage. Xx

  4. At first this sounded awful, I can’t imagine having a baby yet let alone a clingy child, but your positive spin at the end totally melted me! Make the most of it 🙂 #FartGlitter x

  5. I know what you mean about it secretly being quiet nice, even if it does drive you mad when you just want 5 minutes peace sometimes 🙂 It does feel so good when they snuggle in and just want you. Beautiful poem (ps Spud is almost 8 and still loves cuddling his old mum, just not in front of anyone obviously!) ?

  6. Pretty sure I’m a clingy dad they are little for such a short time beautifully written thanks for hosting #fartglitter

  7. Aw I remember this well Dawn. Seb has always been a mummy’s boy. I remember him sobbing if I ever went out and my sister had to babysit. Or he’d always want ‘mummy to do it’ whatever it was. He is 10 now and I have to bribe him to spend time with me these days! Tor xx #fartglitter

  8. Mine were never that clingy and I used to wish they were! Grass is always greener! Other parents would be peeling their children off of them at preschool when mine couldn’t get in quick enough! The boy used to scream when we were leaving, having dropped off Lou, as he wanted to stay but he wasn’t even 2 yet. Xx #fartglitter

  9. My daughter was exactly the same! She thought everyone else were superfluous! Apart from a bit of Daddy in small doses. Looking back perhaps I was as clingy with her and today we have a very strong bond. I certainly found clingy ‘nice’ a lot of the time. Another ace poem, have you thought about writing poems for children or a children’s book in verse? I think it’s a real skill to be able to rhyme authentically and cleverly and to flow like yours. 🙂 fartglitter

    1. Aw thank you for such a lovely comment! I erm. Have, sort of, written a children’s book in rhyme with the lovely Gemma from Colley’s Wobbles. It’s very early days and goodness only knows how we’ll go about getting it out there but a rhymer can dream! I think I’m like you and I too am just as clingy as he is. I think we’re allowed though. We’re mums! 🙂 x

  10. Oh my goodness how lovely, you’re so clever with words. Agree with Turning up in Devon – I’d buy your book! X #fartglitter

  11. Oh this is just gorgeous! I’ve got a clingy baby on my hands and I have to tell myself that it won’t last as one day she won’t need to cling to me as much.

    Just beautiful!


  12. Ahhh this is so lovely! My little guy is a bit younger but is firmly in a clingy phase and as you know his favourite place to nap is on me!!! But I know it won’t last forever and one day I will miss it, but it would be nice to wee without hearing screaming wouldn’t it?! #fartglitter

    1. … or be able to wee without him trying to climb up to stand on my knee so that he can reach to mess with the door handle, and then open and slam it repeatedly every 3 seconds (grits teeth) 😉 Thanks lovely. Pleased I’m in such good company xx

  13. Aw bless him! You have made me feel better…my daughter is a limpet still at almost 3. She needs a playmate as wants me constantly! Won’t play alone…sat up next to me as I read this! I’m trying to enjoy it but hard when I want a wee or trying to do jobs!! Xx thanks for hosting xx

    1. It is such a conflict isn’t it? On one hand you just want to run off and shout “just let me cook dinner please!!” But on the other you want to pick them up and squish them for loving you so very much. It’s tough – but amazing! Thanks Sarah x

  14. He sounds just like Stella – but clingy CAN be nice, as you say. When you have had a child who is just trying to escape all the time, it does make a pleasant change for someone to want you around and enjoy your company!
    x Alice

  15. Aww I like that one. Although annoying at times, I like that I’m the only one who can quickly settle my boy, that sometimes only mummy will do. Surely he’ll still come ti me for cuddles when he’s 14 right?! #fartglitter

  16. Aw, you big gooey thing, you. My tot always wants me when we’re out (and for back related medical reasons I’m really not meant to carry his heavy butt around the town) and his Mummy when we’re in the house and I’m really much more up for playing. Cuddles are always nice though!


    1. I’m definitely more for snuggles than for playing. The hubby does all the rough and tumble / pretending to be a monster stuff. I’m just good at squishing him and head stroking. At least we’re consistent and the offspring know where to get what they need haha x

  17. Without wanting to pigeon hole…boys definitely seem to be clingier. We find this in our youngest ones’ Taekwon-do classes. As I only had girls, I can’t compare. My best friend has 2 boys who were both extremely clingy. I’m pretty sure she secretly enjoyed it too! Her eldest is now 14 and still gives her great hugs! This is an absolutely gorgeous poem. You’ll have everyone’s hearts melting. Alison x #FartGlitter

    1. Thanks Alison. (On so many counts actually!) I agree that boys on the whole do appear to be a bit clingier, although I only have my own experience to go on, but Miss Tot was far too busy being independent to bother about me! It’s good to know that I’m not alone in it, and even better to know that I might still get the odd hug when he’s all growed up! 🙂 x

  18. I can so relate to this today – the Popple is feeling poorly and wanted nothing more than to cling to me with her head on my shoulder. I couldn’t put her down. I hate when she’s sick, but I kind of love those moments when she’s desperate to cuddle. Clingy CAN be nice. I know it won’t last forever, and soon she won’t be able to get away from me fast enough! #fartglitter

  19. Absolutely beautiful. You are right, one day, our kids will grow up and no longer hold our hands but they will forever hold on to our hearts. I had to giggle at this line – “How dare I try to leave him and attempt to have a wee?
    Without his tiny Lordship trying to climb upon my knee!” heehee…how dare you?? Thanks for sharing with #bigpinklink

  20. Aaaaah I do love those squishy little snuggly cuddles, they don’t last forever so you need to really max out on them! My eldest will put her arms around my neck and pay my back which is very cute. Thank you for hosting #fartglitter xx

    1. Aw so cute. My eldest isn’t even 4 yer and she already turns her cheek or offers her forhead if I try to pinch a goodnight kiss. She only ever wants cuddles at exactly the same time as her little brother is screaming for them. Funny that? 😉 x

  21. Love this and so true to saviour every moment! They grow up so quickly and I am trying to cling onto any cuddles I can get while they are still on offer 🙂 #fartglitter

  22. This is absolutely stunning, and you made lots of relatable points and you are so talented with how you write – well done to you. It’s true though, clingy can be extremely nice even if we hate to admit it sometimes. They aren’t small humans forever, it’s definitely worth cherishing every cry, cuddle, sit on knee wee moment we can! #fartglitter

    1. You’re so right. I really can’t imagine him wanting to come and sit on my knee while I have a wee when he’s a teenager. Although I’ll take great joy in reminding him that he used to insist on it I’m sure… *cringe* 😉 Thanks Lex x

  23. Arthur is very very similar – if I Leave his room before he falls asleep all hell breaks loose and he always wakes up crying – but usually by midnight, we have never made it to 5am yet! He ends up in our bed every night just so that we can all get more sleep. It’s true though, it won’t be forever and one day we will probably be worrying because they are out late and not at home in bed! X #fartglitter

    1. I think the worry never stops! You’re so right, we’ll end up wishing that they were still attached just so that we know what they’re getting up to. Hopefully we’ll still be blogging at that point so we’ll all be able to worry together 😉 x

  24. Hi Dawn, oh those early days are so much fun, but it is oddly sad when they stop being clingy and need us less. My daughter was a real early bird, even earlier than me which I get revenge for now and as for going to the loo in peace. Even now it never happens. There always seems to be someone in there.

    An excellent rhyme as always.


    1. In my pre-children days I would have been horrified at the idea of sharing the bathroom whilst having a wee. Now its like: “Come on in, bring your sister, and a train track and 7 books apparently?” 😉 Thank you Debbie. Have a lovely weekend x

  25. This is absolutely beautiful & brilliant at the same time. I can relate to practically every part of this albetit Nip#2 is just gone 1 year! I think you’ve hit the nail on the head when you say ‘but this is just the way things are’. Accept that and everything else becomes easier. This is being shared 100%, it is absolutely one of my favourite posts so far in my short term blogging life 🙂 5 Stars from The Stented Papa 🙂

    1. Ah thank you Ross! Such a lovely comment – and it is such a relief to know that it’s not just me. I just nod along when people tell me “He must be tired / hungry / teething etc” while he screeches at them. I haven’t got the heart to say “actually he’s just a grumpy bugger and doesn’t like other humans.” 😉 Thank you so much for sharing. Have a fab weekend :0)

  26. Oh I love this!! Need to tell you though, mine is four in December and he’s still a right little clingy Mumma’s boy! I love it most times, but every now and again a wee in peace is nice! #fartglitter

  27. This is beautiful. You are so right to cherish the clingyness, I’ll be so sad the day my boy doesn’t want to hold my hand or have cuddles anymore. This post has got me feeling all emotional xx #bestandworst

    1. Ah sorry Wendy. I’m reliably informed that it’s going to last for a few more years yet so we have a while longer to cherish them at least. You have a whole new one to cherish too so lots of clingy fun to come :0) Thanks lovely xx

  28. Ah its a difficult phase but least he wants to be with you – mine just swipes at me with a light sabre now 🙁 Keep positive and enjoy those cuddles #fartglitter

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