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Finding childcare….

As some of you know, my Miss Tot is now three,
And will soon get a few hours childcare for free!

The hubby and I, sat and thought it all through,
and decided our boddler could go along too?

(Which all came to me as a massive surprise,
as visions of Starbucks flashed before my eyes….
The promise of time on my own?
And awake??
The things I could do???
The adventures????
The cake!!!!!)

But my dreams quickly shattered and fell from my head,
as The Hubby said “work some more hours” instead.

So we started to check out the local daycare.
With one recommended, we started right there.

A lovely old church nestled into a wood,
It’s Ofsted report was a comforting “Good”.

We booked an appointment, and wandered inside,
The nice lady “showing and telling” with pride.

With all of her charges so calm and replete.
Each one sat content in their “story time” seat.

Then in charged my pair – head first into the toys!
Desperate to meet all these new girls and boys.

“They’ll need an induction” the lady went on,
Miss Tot wasn’t listening.ย  She’d already gone.

Happily making herself right at home,
while Mstr Tot had a more tentative roam.

Back over she came with a push along toy,
and lovingly rammed it straight into our boy.

He burst into tears so I gave him a hug.
“Just bash her” I said with a nonchelant shrug.

Then caught the nice lady concealing a frown,
(Oh bugger I’d let my “Good Mummy” guard down).

I asked a few questions, pre planned and thought out:
Their values? Their ethics and what they’re about?

The Hubby meanwhile had one priority:
“What will it cost us and which bits are free?”

With paperwork done, it was now time to go.
I turn to my daughter who promptly screamed “NO!!”

Straight into a tantrum, flew my little treasure.
I froze momentarily, feeling the pressure.

Then somehow I ushered her out of the room,
Muttering bribes about “Room on the Broom”.

Back in the car we’d survived the ordeal,
but what will we do when they go there for real?

How will they cope when they’re there for the day?
Will there be tears as I’m walking away?

Will there be traumas and tantrums galore?
Will all the staff hide when we knock on the door?

Perhaps they might have quite a large letter box?
Through which I may possibly post both my tots?

I’ll gently encourage them through with my feet,
And gallop away in a hasty retreat…

Then I’ll sit in the car and I’ll stare at my phone,
Sob just a little, there all on my own.
The truth is, although I may whinge and I moan,
…I don’t think I’ll actually like it alone.

I’m simply their mum, and so when we’re apart,
I can’t walk away without leaving my heart.

And I know they have many adventures ahead,
….but I’ll wish they were driving me potty instead.

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66 thoughts on “Finding childcare….

    1. Aw good luck hunny. There are some really lovely places out there. I was pleasantly surprised. (And going back to work isn’t too bad once you get there, the thought of it is probably far worse than the reality. I secretly quite enjoy a bit of time being a grown up. I get to have hot tea and I can go for a wee with nobody watching. It’s amazing!!) :0) xx

  1. I loved it! Funny bits and love the ending bit – “wish they were driving me potty instead”- Gold! That is so true for me too. #justanotherlinky

  2. Love this, felt a little prickly tear in my eye when I read the last bit! I think anyone who’s ever dropped their child off at nursery can totally empathise – I know I can! Fab post. #fartglitter

    1. Thank you – I’m hoping so too. We’ve got to wait until Jan to see, and luckily for me it’s only one day a week so I’m sure we’ll all cope. (Starbucks would have been nice though haha). Thanks for reading x

    1. Thank you very much :0) I’m used to going to work 2 days a week but I’ve been blessed with in-laws (and the hubby) who have picked up the reins. This one is a whole new experience, but as you say, I’m sure we’ll all love it a little bit ;0) Thank you for your lovely comments. Dawn xx

  3. Mamma Rhymingwithwine – I do feel your pain
    My boy’s just a baby and I still feel the same!
    So i’m staying at home, I wont go back to school,
    I just wont have any money ( yes they think i’m a fool!)
    But i’ll get to play games, get to watch him grow tall,
    hold his hand at the park and be there when he falls.
    But like you, i’ll admit, that once he turns three
    he will probably need more than just silly old me…
    And so nursery will call and the promise of friends
    i’ll let go of his hand and think “is this where it ends?”
    He might cry for a week, he might scream for a day
    but i bet he’ll be fine once I just walk away!
    And yes, although it may feel like a loss we must face
    Its just goodbye to the toddler – there’s a boy in his place. x


  4. So so clever!!!! I wish I could do this!!!! My eldest is starting nursery in January, and although since I had number 2 baby (Mini Assassin) all I’ve dreamed of is a bit less pressure, I know I’ll be devastated leaving him…! Love that you rhyme with wine, wine sustains my entire existence (in an I’m not actually an alcoholic kind of way!)

    1. Haha, love this. Me too! (In a not an alcoholic kind of way). ;0) It sounds as though we have two bundles of fun of a similar age. I’ll be thinking of you come January! In fact I’ll send wine…. Thank you for reading and for your lovely comment xx

  5. What an emotional rollercoaster of a poem. Laughter, tears… think I was hungry there at one point. Now I need a little sleep. But it will be a happy sleep because of the great ending. I particularly loved: Iโ€™m simply their mum, and so when weโ€™re apart, I canโ€™t walk away without leaving my heart. Wonderful, wonderful. #abitofeverything

  6. Wow, so clever! …and funny… You have perfectly captured the way we torment ourselves about the various decisions we have to make for our childhood as they reach milestone after milestone. Just when you think you’re used to a particular phase, they’re already moving on to the next! #abitofeverything

  7. Your a bit gifted at theis poem malarkey, this is great.
    I have a great mental image of you trying to post your kids cartoon style through the letter box, while the staff sit in terror on the other side!
    Thanks for linking up, Tracey #abitofeverything

  8. My favourite yet! Aw, *hugs*. Don’t worry, we’ve seen it all before. Try and enjoy the free time and imagine how much your tots are growing and learning x
    Thanks so much for linking up with #fartglitter xxx

  9. Boo to your hubby being boringly sensible and requesting you work more hours. The Starbucks and time alone sounds much more appealing. I think you should put your foot down on this one as clearly he needs to get his priorities right. A happy wife is a happy home right? At least that’s what I tell my husband ๐Ÿ˜‰


  10. So funny! Some children take a while to settle whilst others go for it straight away. It’s hard, but worth persevering as it’s good preparation for school and gives them opportunities that they may not get at home. Good luck with navigating the process!

    1. Thank you. My little girl just bounded straight in but my boy is hyper clingy at the moment so I think it will be tough for him, but worth it in the long run I hope. Thanks for the reassurance. It definitely helps! X

  11. Brilliant! The first time I have stumbled upon your blog, how talented you are. I feel that verse is appropriate in response. I shall be prepared next time! Meantime, good luck with nursery, they will be just fine. Nice to meet you on #abitofeverything Nicky x

  12. You are a clever clogs – fab poem as always. Aww it sounds like you have found the place! I hope you are not too sad. I remember my girl going to nursery when I worked – is an odd feeling at first. Thanks for sharing with #bestandworst and see you soon

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  14. How do you do this?? Such a brilliant poem and remember that even if they do cry when you drop them, they’re right as rain as soon as you’ve gone!

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