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Pass the Instruction Manual – A Guest Post by Mrs Lighty.

Welcome to the fifth post in the “Cheers!” Series!

Those of you that have popped by my site before will know that I am a tiny bit obsessed with rhyming. “Cheers!” is a series of rhyming guest posts that I am honoured to share, mostly with a parenting theme, from some of the most talented and lovely people in Blogland!

This week I am delighted to share a rhyming post from the ever so lovely Mrs Lighty of Sugar and Spice and All Things Spliced.  Mrs Lighty and I met through twitter back when we were both brand sparkly new bloggers – which must be nearly a year ago now?  Eh? How did that happen? Her blog instantly captured my attention (and heart) with her creative flair, her warm and friendly personality, and her scrumptious little boy! Every now and then, amidst the copious amounts of virtual cake and wine that has been shared through social media with each other, she has stealthily dropped the odd little rhyming comment.  I have quietly observed this, and patiently waited for an opportunity to pounce and pester her into writing a guest post for me. The moment arrived, I pounced. I pestered. I got, and it’s brilliant! (I can see why toddlers nag now – it works!)

Over to you Mrs L…


Pass the Instruction Manual…

I’ve been a new mum now

for nearly a year,

and one thing has become

quite strikingly clear:


These children can be

blimmin’ hard work,

with their changing needs

and personality quirks.

Where’s the manual

to set things straight?

To let you know that

the job you’re doing is great?

Instead you don’t have a clue

what you’re doing,

And spend most of your day

frantically Googling,

Is this normal?

Is this right?

Please don’t do that Baby

you’re giving Mummy a fright!

This little ailment,

that little cough,

have I made sure

that you’ve eaten enough?!

Why are you crying?

Is it your teeth?!

Why won’t you just blimmin’



It’s hard and it’s tough

and some days you won’t know why

but you’ll just want to have

a really good cry!

But gradually your confidence

grows and grows;

quite when and why this happens,

nobody knows!

You’ll have less and less of those

oh-so-tough days,

instead you’ll laugh and you’ll love,

you’ll have fun and you’ll play.

You’ll worry less

about this and about that.

You’ll look at your little person and think:

“Wow! I made that!”


Until one day

just when you’ve got the hang of the lot,

you’ll wake up and think: “Wait, I’ve now got a toddler…

…oh bloody hell, NOW WHAT?!!”

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Hi there, my name is Nicola, but I’m probably better known as Mrs Lighty from All Things Spliced. I’ve always had a love of telling my story, from penpal letters as a school girl through to commiting our wedding day to print for a popular magazine forum, and even writing my own travel blog, An Answer on a Postcard. But All Things Spliced is our story, mine and Mr Lighty’s and Baby Lighty’s. We’re now a little family of three! Join me as I chronicle the highs and lows of new motherhood, the hopes, fears, and dreams of having a baby. I blog about all aspects of new parenthood, from feeding issues through to anxiety, pregnancy through to celebrating special occasions, and there are always plenty of random Lighty musings thrown in too!

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Thank you so much for letting me feature your brilliant rhyme Nicola! I am in awe of your rhyming talents, especially as you apparently wrote this in the shower? I’m so impressed!  (I tend to spend my shower time running around the bathroom with soap in my eyes trying to peel the toilet brush out of my toddlers paws but that’s a different story…)

Help yourself to the featured badge below if you fancy?

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If you would like to feature in the “Cheers!” series, whether you are a seasoned poet or brand new to rhyming and just fancy giving it a go, please get in touch! I’d love to hear from you!

Dawn x

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24 thoughts on “Pass the Instruction Manual – A Guest Post by Mrs Lighty.

  1. This is great. I often if there’s a mute button I’ve missed! How good would that be! #marvmondays

  2. So true…they are like little whirlwinds and everyone is so flipping different!! Cake and wine is always needed (I need wine now and can’t…sobs!) haha. Another brilliant rhyme and thanks for sharing with #bestandworst x

    1. I’m at a loss as I can never understand instruction manuals either. Hence I am a cake fiend. Good job I don’t really drink otherwise I might have issues! There’ll be a nice glass of chilled wine waiting for you along with a beautiful tiny lady at the end hun 😉 xx

  3. Ha ha very good 🙂 It’s so true, although I was definitely much more relaxed with baby No.2. I think someone needs to bring out a Britannica style Encyclopedia of books, one for each stage! #abloggingoodtime

  4. Great poem, I loved the google reference and then that ending… spot on! Mine are 7 and 10 now and every time I think I’ve cracked it a new challenge comes along. Thank you for linking up to #ablogginggoodtime ?

  5. I love this series! Its so much fun reading rhymes from other bloggers that don’t tend to do it over on their own blogs. This is great Mrs Lighty, I always wished that there was some kind of easy instruction manual. Except, the goal posts are always changing. So it would end up being so huge that we probably wouldn’t have time to read it. Thank you for linking up to the #DreamTeam xx

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