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A Poem About My Daddy – Rhyming with Wine Gums.

A poem about my Daddy.

A guest post by Rhyming with wine gums – age 3 3/4.


My Daddy is lovely and silly,
And we think he is like Daddy Pig,
As he’s always a bit of an expert
But his tummy is not quite as big.

He plans all the bestist adventures,
And straps us all into the car,
He always does all of the driving,
Because Mummy won’t drive very far.

We like that he lets us watch Sponge Bob.
Which Mummy Pig thinks is just naff.
But he and I think it is clever,
As we snuggle together and laugh.

I have to eat fast for my dinner,
As sometimes he pinches my chips.
But I like when we sit on the sofa
And we each have a packet of cwips. (crisps)

At night time he’s  king of the toothbrush
But he sucks at the story time gig!
And no matter which book we both ask for,
He ALWAYS reads “Hide and Seek Pig!”

We sometimes do girls versus boys things,
Where the boys pick on me and my Mum,
But I always am better than Daddy,
As Daddy’s a “Big Stinky Bum!”

We know that he’ll always protect us.
And make sure we’re safe, warm and fed,
But he’s not keen at 5 in the morning,
When we both try to jump on his head.

I’ve got him wrapped right round my finger,
And I know he won’t try to uncurl,
As I’ll love him forever and ever.
And I’ll always be his little girl.

Love you Daddy.




Editors comment: The little man was also invited to write a guest post for his Daddy on Father’s Day.  He carefully constructed a succinct and meaningful post as follows:



Many thanks to Catie at Diary of an Imperfect Mum for her brilliant “Father’s Day Card Ideas” post which inspired the “footsteps” picture above.

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30 thoughts on “A Poem About My Daddy – Rhyming with Wine Gums.

  1. As a Dad with two little girls, I think this is absolutely beautiful and is one to be framed and proudly hung on your wall for everyone to see.

    I can relate to most if not all the above, especially story time. If Mum is around, I get the boot immediately!

    1. Ah thanks Ross! The hubby truly is the worst at bed time stories and my poor tots know Hide and Seek Pig inside out and backwards. My one year old actually groans when he sees the book now! He’s pretty awesome at the rest of the stuff though so we can’t complain. Thanks for reading 🙂

  2. What a beautiful poem, gives a real insight into ‘daddy’. I loved the sentiments about keeping you safe. Mother loves a good rhyme and she recently wrote one for Father. It was soppier than I would like; I prefer a sterner turn of phrase 😉 x #bigpinklink

  3. So clever and such lovely words, I did smile at the 5am part, we have a Daddy that didn’t do anything between 10pm and 6am when the kids were young, not because he didn’t want to help, he just never work up when they cried.

    1. It’s amazing how some of these Daddies can sleep through isn’t it? To be fair to my hubby he’s the light sleeper and usually had to nudge me or shove me out of bed with his foot when the little ones needed feeding in the night. Thanks Fiona xx

  4. Ahhh lovely Dawn! We always compare daddy to daddy pig too and that’s mainly because of his big tummy and failing DIY! Would love to know what daddy’s reaction was to this poem – Did he love it? Did he agree with everything! Love the footprint picture too. #BigPinkLink x

    1. I just can’t get my head around the whole sponge Bob thing? I don’t think I’m ready to move on from Peppa just yet. The Boy only has around 4 words and one of them is “Sponge Bob”. I’m so proud! :-/ Thanks for commenting lovely xx

  5. Aww – love this! Daddy is the king of the toothbrush in our house too. In fact, he’s somehow managed to make toothbrushing into one of the Popple’s highlights of the day. Well done, Daddy. #ablogginggoodtime

  6. Oh my gosh I love this so much! So adorable. My husband is rubbish at bedtime stories too – luckily TM isn’t old enough to notice that his dad can’t handle any that have an actual story; one word picture books are his limit! Haha.
    Absolutely gorgeous post, so very special. #ablogginggoodtime

    1. I just think that my hubby likes the order and routine of reading the SAME BOOK EVERY SINGLE NIGHT! I can practically see my one year old do a face palm when Hide and Seek Pig is dragged out. Again. 😉 Thank you hun xx

  7. Awww that was so heart melting and I love little mans addition! You have such a way with words. I always feel everything you write *says this all the time…but just can’t help myself to say it again* Thank you for sharing your rhyme with the #DreamTeam xx

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