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Save “Crimbo limbo!”

It’s finally happened, Christmas has begun.
Our homes are enlightened with magic and fun!

Santa delighted our girls and our boys.
The whole world is fizzing with chocolate and toys.

We’ve time to reflect now on what we’ve achieved,
The day was successful, our tots all “believed.”

So now to relax and just soak up the joy.
Kick back with our families and simply enjoy.

But one thing each year drives me utterly crazy,
Whilst sat on my sofa intent to be lazy.

I’ve barely cracked open my Christmassy chocs,
And finally settled in front of the box,

When adverts for “Weight watchers” clog up my screen.
Insisting that NOW is the time to be lean!?

The feast and the treats that we’ve saved for all year.
Should promptly be banished now Boxing Day’s here?

It’s been one whole day and so true to tradition,
The big shops are off on a new business mission.

Already it’s changed, no more twinkles in sight.
Town centres have switched to a bleak red and white.

The retailers (tense now that gifts have been bought.)
All itch to unleash the next spending onslaught.

The bosses and fat cats will not be content.
Until all of our new Christmas money’s been spent.

Poor Santa has only just parked up his sleigh,
And SALES are all set now to steal Boxing day.

The lunch has been eaten, the reindeer have gone,
But why such a rush for us all to move on?

We’re all in a frenzy to purchase again,
A kitchen, a wardrobe a “diet” (again!)

I feel for the shop staff dragged back in the game.
I find the whole “SALE” thing a bit of a shame.

The commercial machine will continue to churn.
But now as a parent I’m starting to learn.

Let’s stay in the moment, not rush to forget it.
The magic will last for as long as we let it.

The children don’t know that the SALES have begun,
Let’s just let them play and join in with their fun.

Let’s toast to a season of love and good cheer.
And let Christmas be Christmas at least ’til New Year.

Wishing you all a very merry Crimbo Limbo xx

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62 thoughts on “Save “Crimbo limbo!”

  1. I couldn’t agree more. The last thing I’d want to do on Boxing Day is go shopping. It should be a time to enjoy family time and embrace the tradition of stuffing your face all over again. Unfortunately we live in a fast and materialistic world. Enjoy your chilled Boxing Day and stuff your face with cake and all manner of things my lovely xxxx gem xxxx

    1. Thank you lovely! I’m pleased I’m not the only one who feels like this. Don’t get me wrong I love a bargain and I wouldn’t blame anyone for hitting the shops today. I just think it’s such a shame that there is so little time to relax and actually enjoy Christmas time together. The sales just seem to get rammed down our throats earlier and earlier each year? Anyway rant over. There is a huge box of chocolates and a Christmas film with the tots and the hubby calling! Hope you have a magical time with your gorgeous boys. Christmas hugs. Dawn xxx

  2. Agreed. I had a shower this morning, put on some clean pjs and ate some cocolates and pringles. That’s pretty much my boxing day lol. Just about to have dinner and open a bottle of prosecco. No shopping here, sales or not. Who can be bothered after all the christmas shopping anyway? Now is the time to sit back and relax.

    1. Absolutely the only thing to do. It is still Christmas until Jan 2nd in my opinion. Crack open another box of chocs and relax in the twinkly lights while you still can. No blues until January… Then I’ll join you! 🙂

      Thanks for reading. Loved your post on the post Christmas blues too x

        1. Great idea. I end up doing that every year too. Usually something a bit twinkly like a twig /fairy light feature thingy. Makes it feel a bit less bare when they come down, but now my house kind of looks like a grotto all year round :-/ haha x

          1. I always had this idea of keeping a tree up all year and decorating it with whatever holiday fell in that month. And if there wasn’t a holiday then decorate it according to the season. My husband didn’t seem as excited as I was about that lol.

  3. I’ve come to you via #justanotherlinky today 🙂 Mr Lighty was saying exactly this yesterday, he said “why can’t Boxing Day just be Boxing Day and the sales start after that?!” . Having said that, I have managed to persuade him that we need to go to Next today to kit out Baby Lighty for next winter, ha!! Xxx

  4. Terrific rhyme and excellent message. I find it especially disheartening here in the Southern Hemisphere when we should be out enjoying the weather. This year Boxing Day was a brilliant summer’s day and the shops were jam packed with people shopping at retailers who have sales on every weekend anyway. I’m not judging though, I must admit to popping in for a look (and deciding against spending 30 minute in line for something I didn’t truly want anyway). My sister works for a big retailer and had to stay after closing on Christmas eve so there’d be no remnants of Christmas decorations come Boxing Day morning!

    1. Thank you lovely! I feel so sorry for your sister and all the other retail staff having to work late to strip the place of all signs of Christmas on Christmas eve? It just seems such a shame when they could be at home with their families. Why can’t Boxing day still be Christmassy? As you say, there are sales running all the time now anyway. I’m not judging anyone for taking part as I’m the first person to love a bargain, but I just think it’s a shame that the retailers can’t come together and all agree to just let Christmas be Christmas and start the January sales… In January? Anyway. What do I know? 😉 Hope you’ve had a fabulous Christmas and wishing you a very happy New Year. Dawn x

  5. Great post again!
    My partner loves going boxing day shopping haha but we couldn’t go this year due to floods so we went the day after. We only bought a microwave and a few clothes for the girls!
    xx Thanks for linking up with #justanotherlinky

    1. Thank you hon. I can see the appeal as who doesn’t love a good bargain? I was just far too busy being lazy and stuffing my face on Boxing day :0) Hope the floods have calmed near you now now. Thank you very much for having me at #justanotherlinky xx

  6. Agreed. I’m all shopped out after Christmas. The last thing I want to do is add more stuff to the pile of stuff we still need to find a place for after Christmas. One year, before baby, we did our Christmas after the holidays, so we were able to capitalize on all of the sales. That was a great year for the pocketbook.

    1. That’s such a brilliant idea! I bet it saved you a fortune? I’m all for a bargain don’t get me wrong, I just don’t see the need for shops to be opening at 6am on Boxing Day. Christmas always just seems to be over as soon as you wash the dinner plates now. Thanks for commenting Stephanie. Hope you’re having a great Christmastime x

  7. haha that’s why I don’t watch TV much too many adverts telling me what I need! I don’t want to think about diets, no thank you! I agree let’s be in the moment and enjoy a rest xx Fabulous post! #dreamteam

    1. Cheers to that lovely! I must admit we’ve hardly watched any TV this year and so I’ve not had the joy sucked out of me with a stealth diet add right in the middle of the a Christmas special this time. You’re right, this is the way forward – Stay in and avoid all TV. That way it can stay magical for as long as we like! Hope you’re having a fab time and all the very best for the New Year to you and yours xx

  8. Agreed! I’ve had a bit of an internet black-out over the last few days, stunned by how much junk mail I received! I’ve spent all my money on Christmas anyway, good luck retailers trying to get more cash out of me! #DreamTeam xx

  9. Oh this is just brilliant. Well done! I had to chuckle as having eaten next to nothing yesterday (thanks kids for sharing the hideous cold germs – sharing in this case is not caring) I got a flipping Slimmers World leaflet through my front door. As for the sales, avoiding them like the plague. #DreamTeam x

    1. Oh no! Hope you’re feeling better now Lisa? I’m with you though – who wants to think about dieting on Boxing Day? Come back to me on 2nd Jan and I might be a bit more receptive but until that point I shall be inhaling mince pies thank you very much! 😉 Thanks lovely. Hope you have a great New Year x

  10. ‘Christmas Limbo’ – yes, you clever lady! Wonderfully articulated. I love this time between Christmas and New Year and am quite happy to just hang in limbo and enjoy it. Happy New Year! More of your fabulous rhymes in 2017 please 🙂 Alison x #DreamTeam

    1. I love it too Alison. I just hate the January marketing campaigns sneaking in before I’ve even finished my turkey! I’m hanging there with you. 😉 Thanks so much and I hope you have a brill 2017 which I shall very much enjoy reading all about. ? x

  11. I try to avoid most stores when I know the hordes are out…. but my boys INSISTED we HAD to get to Gamestop so they could buy some new controllers and games to go with their new console. It was torture!

  12. I haven’t left the house yet since Christmas Day! We try and keep it going until The Boy goes back to school. He’s allowed to leave all his presents out, watch more tv, play more and stay up a bit later, and we eat what we want. Then he goes back to school, I tidy up and we put the decorations away next week.

    I must confess to having ordered a washing machine on Christmas eve in the sales, but mine completely died, so it was a necessity. And I may hit the shops tomorrow, because I have a day on my own, and I do quite enjoy it. But I wouldn’t dream of going out on boxing day, or starting any kind of diet, well, ever, but I wont stop eating the Christmas treats until they have gone. If that happens to be February because I accidentally buy a lot more when I hit the shops, that’s fine! #dreamteam

  13. So true, what you’ve written or actually rhymed;) great poem on the reality of our society…It’s sad that the world is powered by shopping and selling and buying…As you said, it doesn’t let us stay in the moment unless we make it happen! And we can! So, lay back, enjoy family time, eat, drink and have fun. We do it! and I wouldn’t trade it for the world!!;) #DreamTeam

    1. I love that! I refuse to let the marketing powers insist that it’s over the minute the gifts have been opened. That’s not what Christmas is about for me. Hope you’re still enjoying a lovely Christmastime – and thank you x

  14. very true, I wish we could just have one day to not think about sales and the next thing. Just enjoy the moment, just like at times everything constantly moving, gives us a break from wanting the numbers and sales X #dreamteams

    1. Absolutely! It’s the one time of year where I think we all should be allowed to just stop a while and relax and enjoy what we’ve prepared for. It must be no Christmas at all for those retail staff back at work at 6am Boxing Day. Thank you x

  15. This is so true. I can’t stand the boxing day deals and this need to purchase more and more things we do not need. I haven’t done much, besides spend time with my family since Christmas day and i’m happy with that #dreamteam

    1. I think that sounds perfect to me Michelle. Fair play to having sales and to those that enjoy them, but if all the shops came together and launched them a few days later it would just give us all (not least the staff!) a well deserved rest. Hope you enjoy the rest of Christmastime and your New Year x

  16. Spot on, as usual, Dawn! We stay away from the shops in the days after Christmas as much as possible, despite the sales . We prefer spending time with family. I find the sales shopping frenzy all a bit disturbing tbh. I know I’ll miss some bargains but I’d rather leave things till they settle down a bit. #dreamteam

    1. My thoughts exactly Jane. If there’s something I need then I might have a browse online at some point in Jan but I just don’t find any joy in jostling through a packed shop at Christmas wading through half price Christmas jumpers. For me it’s like doing a house clearance sale while the person still lives there. It’s still Christmas! It’s so depressing seeing everything we’d paid full price for less than 48 hours before, now slapped with red and white stickers and wanted off the shelves. Family time is the way for me too! x

  17. We popped into town to exchange my ring as hubby got it too small and I was amazed at the amount of people in town. I only went because I was desperate to wear it otherwise I’d have waited a few days. It’s amazing the amount of people who fall for the Boxing Day sales malarkey. At least do it online in your pjs with chocolates by your side haha #dreamteam

    1. I’m with you! Online in your PJs is the only way to do it. I just wish that all the retailers would come together and agree to just hold off for a couple of days? I know it’ll never happen of course but what next? Sales starting at 6am Xmas morning? Bleughh! Hope you enjoyed your choccies. Happy New Year x

  18. Happy Christmas lovely! Sorry this is a bit late but love your festive poem – still marvel at your rhymes, you clever lady. Thanks for co-hosting #dreamteam with Annette and I, so excited to have you with us! xx

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