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So just a few days ago, this happened…..

We’re all heading out for a fabulous day,
I strap in both kids and we’re off on our way!

I’m not far from home, just a couple of miles,
myself and my daughter, her face full of smiles.

And Mstr Tot too, (but he’s having a whinge,
in fact his odd screaming is making me cringe!?)

I get into lane to approach the M1.
Then all of a sudden, the crying has gone?

I’m smug with relief, till I hear my girl shout

“WHAT DO YOU MEAN??” I yell over the din.
(The panic now all of a sudden kicks in).

I check in the mirror but can’t see his face,
and all that remains in his car seat’s a space!?

“WHERE IS YOUR BROTHER?” I frantically shriek,
But now my young lady’s refusing to speak!

I slam on a signal and try to stay calm.
I try not to freak out and cause us more harm.

I swerve to avoid the impending M1,
and try to work out where the hell my son’s gone!?

I know that he can’t really go very far.
The doors are all locked so he’s still in the car.

But I can’t see my boy and he’s making no sound?
I’m panicking more as my heart starts to pound.

Where has he gone? Is he under my seat?
I glance, half expecting him there at my feet.

I desperately stop at the first legal spot.
Frantically trying to seek out my tot.

I leap from the car and I open his door,
and there he is grinning,  stood up on the floor.

Merrily wedged at the back of my seat,
Bouncing about on his two tiny feet.

I grab him and hug, overwhelmed with relief,
and steady my hands as they shake like a leaf.

My mind races over and questions his skill.
How on earth has he managed to dismount at will?

I buckled him in as per all the advice.
I know it was fastened! I checked the belt twice!

I really don’t know how the hell it was done.
He’s hardly Houdini, he’s barely turned one??

So after the kisses I strap him back in,
all chuffed with himself with a big cheeky grin.

His sister looks down at her brother with pride,
and new found respect for the stunt he’s just tried.

We’re back in the car now and back on our way.
But I’ve picked up a valuable lesson today.

From now when I check that his seat belt is tight,
I’ll tug it and test it with all of my might.

I’ll audit that car seat from seatbelt to base…..
…. and carry a padlock and glue just in case!!

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45 thoughts on “So just a few days ago, this happened…..

  1. Oh my god. Epic Houdini related fail. Wow, how did he manage that. I also got home once to find the car seat ‘balanced’ on top of the isofix and not actually clipped in. Felt soo guilty even through nothing happened. I’m sure baby brain would stand up in court!!! X

  2. Erm. I seem to remember Mstr Tot’s Dad having some fun and games after we met for lunch that time, needed the help of Mstr Tot’s Grandad to sort it out – so you are vindicated.

  3. Amazing rhyme, but…oh my god! They’re nightmares, though – however tight I pull the straps, mine can get their arms out. Thankfully neither of them have tried to actually climb out yet, but I suspect they COULD! #fartglitter

    1. I swear my heart actually stopped. And there was no poetic exaggeration here either. I genuinely was on a “mega roundabout” signalling to join the motorway when it happened. I still have no idea how he did it but I’m trying to convince myself that if I strap him in with all of my might it won’t happen again…..? Please God!! 🙂

  4. Oh my! My heart is pounding for you. Well done for keeping your cool. Thrilled to have you link up with #fartglitter. Hope to see you again next week xxx

  5. Wow that must have been scary! My son was a houdini himself as a tot and I can totally relate to a kids ability as an escape artist!! #justanotherlinky

  6. Oh my woolly word how very heart was literally in my mouth reading this. I’m so very glad everything turn out okay honey!xx

      1. Oh gosh I’m not surprised. Lol Mstr Tot sounds like a proper little mischievous munchkin bless him.xx

  7. Holy c*%p! I actually held my breath reading this! How on earth did you manage to safely stop?! I think I would have caused a pile up!

    1. I was genuinely on the mother of all roundabouts (actually 2 roundabouts in one with a total of about 14 exits) and seconds away from joining the motorway. All I could do is keep breathing and say “mummy’s trying to stop” through frantically gritted teeth, repeatedly. It doesn’t help that I’m not a very confident driver in the first place (read “useless”). He couldn’t have done it on a little back road with loads of places to stop could he?? Sorry to share the trauma, but it helps! ;0)

  8. I have actually forgotten to buckle in my grandchildren in the past. Or…I don’t have the car seat securely tightened and hear “NeNe….”, look back and the child is buckled in the seat but the seat is on its side. Never a dull moment on a ride with NeNe.

    1. Oh love it! To be fair that would have been my usual assumption (ie that I hadn’t strapped him in,) but in this instance as we were going a long way I know that I’d checked?? I love the idea of your little ones strapped in sideways. Makes for a more entertaining journey I find….

      Thanks for reading!

  9. I absolutely love the way you write your blog in rhyme. It absolute genius and this post is absolutely fantastic. Love reading your posts especially this one, just sorry to read that you had such a scary time and I’m really glad every thing turned out ok.

    1. Thank you so much! Your comments are lovely – brought a little lump to my throat. I’m just putting it all down to experience – and now the little monkey is strapped in to the extreme!! Thank you ;0) xx

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