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So we visited this stately home…

My friend’s little girl had a day free from school,
so invited us out.
(The kind hearted fool).

We gave it some thought and we found Brodsworth Hall,
with beautiful gardens, all crisp in the fall.

We loaded both cars and set off for the day,
an excited convoy of two all the way.

We pulled in the car park, our tots were all smiles,
as we took in the landscape that stretched out for miles.

A historic home standing proud in its ground,
with manicured gardens and trees all around.

The adventure playground leaps out on our map,
(I trace out the route with my finger and tap).

We ready the pushchairs and march straight ahead,
we don’t find the park, but a sun house instead?

No matter, the kiddies are off to explore, excitedly foraging twigs from the floor.

We fast approach lunchtime so on march our brood,
to advance on the tea rooms and seek out some food….

A quaint little cafe serves tea by the cup.
So perfectly peaceful (until we rock up).

In stomp our kids with their rumbling tums….
But where are the other tots? Where’s all the mums?

I sense dissaproval and feel silent groans, from the elderly faces of those with their scones.

We bustle our pushchairs through tables and chairs,
Invading their peace and avoiding their stares.

I dash to the counter, the two girls with me,
and frantically grab for the first food I see.

Whilst meanwhile my son terrorises my friend,
screeching and pushing her to her wit’s end!

I run to the table with lunch boxes three, as both girls exclaim that they now need a wee.

My friend leads the way,Β  to the loo they all chase,
Whilst I watch my boy stuffing food in his face.

A little while later the trio return,
(my friend is now sporting a look of concern).

My daughter is causing a hullabaloo, about some big leaf that she’s left in the loo?

The boy now obligingly lightens the mood,
By bashing about in his mountain of food.

We all try to eat but my girl’s still bereft.
and sobbing with grief for the leaf that’s been left.

The food is delicious but downed in a rush,
while I keep saying sorry and whispering “shhushh”.

We throw down our dinner and head for the door,
eager to seek out the playground once more.

We re-check the map and we head to the right, no park.
But the sun house is back in our sight?

The kids run about and they kick all the leaves,
put stones in their pockets and mud up their sleeves.

We head to the left and continue to play. And “oh look the sun house?” Once more in our way?

‘Til finally somehow we break from our loop,
and into the playground advances our troop.

My friend and I gawp at the towering frame.
One look says we’re thinking exactly the same.

“This frame is too big girls! You both need to stop!”
But too late my daughter’s there, right at the top.

She launches across on the huge cargo net,
I watch her manoeuvre. My hands start to sweat.

In seconds she’s stuck and beginning to yelp,
Reluctantly mummy darts forwards to help.

I pray the equipment is structurally sound,
As I haul myself up quite a way from the ground.

“I’ve got you now mummy” she launches at me,
and clings to my neck like an awkward monkey.

We slide and we scramble our way to the floor,
and promptly decide not to climb any more.

So back to the grounds and the “Garden of rocks”,
the girls chased and hid while the boy chewed his socks.

We played and we laughed,
did a cartwheel or two
(I even did one – imagine the view!?)

With all the tots shattered we called it a day,
we packed up the cars and were back on our way.

We had an adventure, made great memories,
but days with my tots never pass with much ease.

I feel for my pal, her young lady is 4,
She doesn’t have tantrums and strops any more.

A day with my two must be quite an ordeal?
With climbing and “leaf grief” and tears with the meal?

She’ll possibly think it a little insane
if I try to suggest that we do it again?

As though my friend seems such a stately home lover,
She might need a fortnight or two to recover! ;0)

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42 thoughts on “So we visited this stately home…

    1. You can imagine the view can’t you? Me with my mum top tucked into my jeggings doing a dodgy cartwheel for the first time in about 25 years!? Think it shocked a few well to do ladies and gents ;0) If only I could develop a remote for my children…. hmmmm.

      Thank you so much for your very kind words and your support for my blog lovely. You’re just brill! Xx

  1. You’re so talented! Yes, always great when you enter a childless place with babies/toddlers, isn’t it? I tend to surreptitiously ‘drop’ the leaves, twigs, dirty/dangerous things my toddler picks up once she has given them to me to look after & forgotten them. She always randomly remembers them (& NEEDS them) later! #justanotherlinky

    1. The bottom of the pushchair looks like a small mobile bonfire. I half expect a hedgehog to claim it as home. How many leaves and twigs and pebbles can a small person require really?? I’m raising Makka Pakka. Thank you ;0) x

  2. Haha, I’m so impressed that you are a climbing, cartwheeling mummy. The cronies in the cafe will have loved having something to moan about. I think the closest we’d have to this in Thailand would be taking our tot to one of the temples which I am currently avoiding πŸ™‚

    Thanks so much for linking up to #fartglitter and displaying the featured badges x

    1. I think I am those things, but definitely under duress haha. Now a temple sounds much more exciting? Loads of potential for making inappropriate levels of noise in an otherwise silent environment. Go for it – I dare you! (Although probably better to avoid the cartwheel – definitely frowned upon). Thank you again for the badges. I couldn’t just pick one though as they’re both so cool. Hope you don’t mind πŸ™‚ My blog is wearing them with pride! X

  3. This sounds like a great day out, stressful in places but good for building memories. I’m sure your stately home loving friend will want to do something again. I think it’s great that you did a cartwheel. I love them but am a bit self conscious when out and about and M would probably be embarrassed by me. #abitofeverything

  4. Oooh, stares from the scone-eaters; that’s the worst!
    Glad to hear you finally made it away from the sunhouse loop πŸ™‚
    Great poem!

    1. I could have done with you and your little ones in that particular tea room… silent doesn’t even begin to describe it. It was definitely lacking in mums and tots.
      Thanks very much for hosting and commenting. #FamilyFun x

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