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Stopping By The House On A Mummy’s Evening. (A Parody.)

One of the first ‘grown up’ poems I ever read as a child was Stopping By The Woods On A Snowy By Robert Frost.  I was 9 years old and our teacher had set us all the challenge of learning it off by heart to recite in front of the class.  It must have had a profound effect on me as I can still recite it to this day.  (Although ask me what I did yesterday or why I went in the fridge and I have not a single Scooby!)

And so, on this frosty January Monday in Mummy Land…

Who’s blocks these are I think I know.
He’s snoring in his bedroom though;
He will not see me stooping here
To sweep this floor, filled with Lego.

My vacuum cleaner thinks it’s queer
To suck up raisins far and near

Between the crumbs of toast and cake
Enough to feed them for a year.

It splutters and begins to shake
And sucks a sock up by mistake.
The only other sound’s the drone
Of Paw Patrol taped on ‘Milkshake’.

My kids are lovely, Love runs deep,
But I have Game of Thrones on “Keep”,
And piles to do before I sleep,
And piles to do before I sleep.

By Mummy.  *Cross*

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66 thoughts on “Stopping By The House On A Mummy’s Evening. (A Parody.)

  1. Oh I’ve not come across that poem before, but I had a similar experience of learning “Daffodils” by Wordsworth as a child and I can still recite it today. #dreamteam

  2. Oh the joys of parenthood – my husband and I use to do this when our kids were asleep as that was the only time we could really get things done. Now that they older, I no longer clean up after them.#Dreamteam

  3. Oh yes, it’s funny how things from ages ago stick and yet what we did earlier in the day doesn’t 😂 I’ve got a poem forever memorised like this too, except it’s from Fungus the Bogeyman when I was 11. Love your parody – I think our hoover has quite given up these days. #dreamteam xxx

  4. Love this the things we come across as a parent. I had all sorts stuck under the sofa. I didn’t even Che k what it was it just went straight up the hoover ha. Yuck! Always so sticky. Lego is a nightmare the amount of times I have stood on it ouch. #DreamTeam x

  5. So. Much. Lego!! I love this, I’m always hoovering up socks, you’re brave hoovering in the evening, I’d be scared of waking the kids and then there would definitely be no chance of watching game of thrones!xx #dreamteam

  6. Perhaps it was that poem that made you such a great rhyming blogger! I remember learning similar poems in school, being terrified but secretly loving the fact we got to stand up in front of everyone. Such an important skill for confidence. #dreamteam

  7. Feel this poem so much! Our friend asked if she could give our son legos for his birthday and I was like nooo ban all toys with multiple pieces but why can u do?

  8. I look forward to your poems every week and its such a lovely read. I love how you round off all the things that resonates with so many of us mummies… for us, its definitely the vacuum! I’m considering getting another one just for upstairs for I don’t have to constantly lug it up and down! #DreamTeam

  9. Really enjoyed this. Captures the solitary glimpsing of Frost’s poem and completely recreates the feeling of coming back down after bedtime and surveying the chaos when you just want to slump on the sofa… #DreamTeam

  10. This makes me think of a cat story I read ages ago where the cat had a pet raisin called Ralph… can’t remeber the details though. Love your poems. #dreamteam

  11. What is this Game of Thrones you speak of?! I’ve forgotten what adult tv looks like, my life is Paw Patrol and Lego Ninga at the moment! 9 times out of 10 I’m asleep at the same time as Alfie so hubby does the final clean up! #DreamTeam

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