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We Need To Talk About the Conditions of my Imprisonment …And Other Funny Parenting Stories

Hey. Frazzled parent.
I’m talking to you.
YOU: Stealth eating Smarties whilst hid in the loo.

Yes you – that is always a teensy bit late,
As you spin half the world and its chores on a plate.

YOU: that scrolls Insta and lets out a sigh,
Whilst secretly poking “#blessedmum” in the eye.

You love your kids dearly.
Of that there’s no doubt!
But they still have a talent for making you shout!

Just sometimes you need a small moment for you.
Those days when the fan has been buried in poo.

And you wonder which idiot made you the boss,
Of these miniature humans that make you quite cross.

And despite feeling lonely, you’re NEVER ALONE!!!
But you bite on your tongue when you’re tempted to moan…

Hey parent we get it.
There’s no judgement here.
We too have all crossed the parental frontier.

We don’t have the answers or clever advice.
As the laws of small humans are far from concise!

But we’ll happily share a few parenting tales.
We’re keeping it real and including the fails.

We’re Parents Uncovered. We overexpose.
And we’ll make you snort microwaved tea down your nose.

A book that you’ll laugh with until your cheeks ache.
A book that will toast you – with caffeine and cake!

Click here for a copy that’s yours to reserve,
(And it’s not all in rhyme you’ll be pleased to observe.)

Your key to survival,
For just a few quid!

(…And it won’t pinch your Smarties, Like some sort of kid!) ๐Ÿ˜‰

We Need To Talk About The Conditions Of My Imprisonment… And Other Funny Parenting Stories

I am thrilled to announce the release of our new book: โ€œWe Need to Talk About the Conditions of My Imprisonment …and Other Funny Parenting Storiesโ€,ย  of which I am a contributor.ย  The book has been compiled by Michelle Tan, whom you may already know from her hilarious Facebook page: Ms Awesome, Mother Extroadinaire.

In this humorous selection of funny and quirky parenting tales, twenty-one parents share their witty views on parenthood, as well as all the cute, funny, adorable and despairing moments that toddlers and young children can bring. And we also expose the sometimes unexpected side of parenting that no one wants to talk about, with a massive dose of hilarity! This book aims to make new parents or tired parents laugh in relief that they are not alone in this crazy world of parenting and maybe, just maybe, with the right dose of humour, they might survive this parenting gig.

After months of preparation, our work is ready to launch on Amazon.ย  You can pre-order the e-version now or a printed copy will be available for online purchase from April 21st!




You can find us here:

UK Readers (digital copy)

UK (paper copy)

US Readers

Australian Readers


We hope that you enjoy the book, and we would really love you to leave us a review on Amazon too!

Thanks for reading!

Dawn x

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