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That used to be me…

That used to be me!
As you pass in your car,
And beep to make clear just how busy you are.

That used to be me, on a Friday night out,
My top cut so low that my boobs half fall out.

That used to be me, tearing up the dance floor,
And tottering home with a pizza at ‘4.

That used to be me, with a cosy duvet,
Staying in PJs and slothing all day

That used to be me, going shopping for fun?
And popping to Starbucks for lunch when you’re done.

That used to be me, making plans without care,
With only a toothbrush and clean underwear.

That used to be me, walking straight passed a park?
And leaving the house when it’s actually dark!?

That used to be me, buying make up and shoes,
Reading a book or just catching the news.

That used to be me, having brunch with a friend,
Completing each sentence beginning to end.

*Whispers* …That used to be me, judging mums from afar,
And tutting at how misbehaved their tots are…

But now THIS is me.
I wear practical clothes.
I will halt conversation to wipe someone’s nose.

I race into shops and I’m out in a shot,
Dragging six bags and a tantrumming tot.

I am now that mother who turns a blind eye,
And lets the odd child indiscretion go by.

I will always be home by the latest at four,
And will mostly be found picking toys off the floor.

I am ready for bed at a quarter past nine.
Despite doing nothing I never have time.

But would I go back to my lifestyle pre-tot?
I would really and truly emphatically not!

But an elderly lady looks over at me.
She’s silently thinking:
That used to be me.”

She smiles at the thought of those days long gone passed,
And knows that these phases all fly by so fast.

The magical years of adventure and fun,
Are such precious memories, each single one.

And given the chance to change places, she would.
She’d go back in a heartbeat if only she could.


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Thanks for reading.

Dawn x

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31 thoughts on “That used to be me…

  1. Oh this is so beautiful – I love the shift from the way life was pre-children, through to how life is now and then the final reflection from the perspective from an older lady whose children have all grown up – such a beautiful reminder to enjoy the moments while they are still small.

    1. Thank you Louise! It was actually inspired by a true story. I dragged myself and my newborn to Asda when she was around 2 weeks old. I looked and felt like a zombie! (Mombie). A lovely elderly lady came over to coo over Miss Tot, and I did my usual “she’s not quite this cute at 3am!” bit. The lady literally just touched my arm and said “I wish it was me. I’d give anything to do it all again”. It did make me rethink things a little and made me slightly more grateful for what I have (even at 3am). Thank you for reading x

  2. Aww bless. I am going to try and think like this after a bad day and when I have TWO! Holy crap. It’s going to be fun. I do miss some aspects of my pre kids life – prob holidays and social weekends going all over. But I wouldn’t swap it xx #justanotherlinky x

    1. I think that’s the thing. I whinge about how much I’ve had to change and give up, but would I swap? Not ever!! And I’d hate to be the person that tried to stop me!!
      Thanks for popping by hun. I’ve visited your posts too today but struggling to post a comment for some reason. Will try again tomorrow xx

  3. I love this! Having only just discovered your blog I will be reading back through your posts tonight with a sneaky glass of wine when LO is asleep!xx

  4. I sooo miss those carefree days but I also know that when the kids are all grown up I will look back and miss little outstretched arms asking for “just one more” bedtime cuddle ? Really lovely post x #justanotherlinky

  5. Bravo! Absolutely beautiful.
    I love your rhymes, they are so wonderful and relatable. The transition into parenthood is a tough one, and sometimes it’s hard not to be envious of those without care and responsibility. But, these are some of the best days of our lives. Ones, we will definitely look back on and miss. And I just love how you shifted and pointed that out. Such a beautiful poem x #justanotherlinky

    1. Thank you for such a lovely comment. I’m so pleased that you could relate to it. No matter how hard these baby days can get I just know without doubt that I will miss them when they’re behind us. With a bit of luck we will all still be here blogging about the good old days! X

  6. Hi Dawn, it won’t be long before my daughter is a ‘used to be me’. Living life as a young person and a non Mum. Having been there, done that, I wouldn’t swap places for the world (although a bar or two of Cadbury’s may tempt me!).

    I love your rhymes, they make me smile every time.


    1. Thank you Debbie! To be fair there’s not much that I wouldn’t do for a couple of bars of Dairy Milk? 😉 Although no, I definitely wouldn’t swap either! (I wouldn’t have the energy!!) Fun while it lasted though and I hope your daughter loves every minute xx

  7. Beautifully written. I am not a parent but I can understand how things change once you have children. This comes across so well in what you have written. #dreamteam linky

  8. I LOVE this one Dawn! So beautifully written and emotional too. A lovely reminder that time is fleeting… and to make the most of holding onto those little tot hands while they still let us hold them. Thanks so much for linking up to the #DreamTeam. X

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