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The joy that is school holidays.

I woke up this morning and shouted hurray! The sunshine is out we can go out to play!

We’re deep into summer, the kids are off school.  It’s August! “Let’s whip out the paddling pool….”

Nope, who am I kidding? It’s p***ing it down.

As if we’d have sunshine in August you clown?

At least we can go to a lovely soft play? I’m sure there’ll be no other kids there today?

We’ll easily park and a table we’ll find, I’ll have a nice coffee while you play behind….

Just kidding my friend, it is August alas, the whole local school will be there by the class.

At least we have playgroup, such fun, happy days! But no.  Those get cancelled in school holidays??

We’ll spend half the day planning painting and stuff.  Then you’ll paint for 3 mins and declare “that’s enough.”

I’ll guiltily reach for the tv remote, so that you can fixate on “Old Jack” and his boat.

It’s not that I don’t like the big kids – they’re cool, but I count down the days till the big “Back to school.”

The time will soon come when no matter the rain, our little ones will rule the soft play again!

We mothers of tots close our eyes and remember, the play zones and mum groups and peace of September!

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