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The Stat Race.

I think it’s fair to say that most of us bloggers can get a bit stat-obsessed.  I recently read this incredible post by the lovely Sally that runs Meet Other Mums.  (If you haven’t heard of it please pop by.  It’s a brilliant site that helps mums find their own mum friends and we all know how much we need those!)  It also includes a cracking blog which features some of the best writers in Blogland.  Sally has noticed a sharp rise in bloggers losing that blogging feeling (as my lovely friend Gemma of Colley’s Wobbles describes so perfectly), and she isn’t the only one…

Image shows a mobile phone and a keyboard with a social media site open.

The Stat Race.

So, I’m churning out the rhymes across the social media scenes.
I’m now a “Proper Blogger”?
I’m just not sure what it means!

I thought I’d found an outlet for the nonsense in my head,
But ended up with just another unpaid job instead?

It’s not what I signed up to – I just thought I’d write some stuff?
And sometimes if I’m honest, I confess,  I’ve had enough.

It’s such a huge commitment, though I do it of free will.
I’m spinning all the plates like pushing water up a hill.

It’s all about the rankings and delivering the stats,
I’m trying to “find my voice” but I’ve had more luck herding cats!

It’s all a maze of SEO, DA, PA and Klout.
There’s always something new each time I suss the last thing out.

I’m not the best at Yoasting and my green light’s often errant.
I flaunt a range of swear words like a flagrant brand-repellent.

I’m trying to run the race with an anonymous pace setter:
Whatever you’re producing do it more and do it better!

I question every blog post:
Is it funny?
Should it rhyme?
My hefty blog to-do list overwhelms my lack of time.

My housework’s been neglected in a fit of relegations.
And re-prioritising in the name of “Blogligations“.

To dominate the universe with Hootsuite and WordPress.
I don’t know why I care or who I’m trying to impress?

But I puff my chest with pride at my apparent “global reach.”

Despite the fact that truth be told there’s just one view from each…

My dreams of going viral have now woken up and gone.
I no longer hit publish thinking “This could be The One!”

My mojo’s eating ice-cream while it has a little snooze.
Exhausted from it’s quest to find organic, fresh page views.

(To all you mega bloggers this in no is way a dig.
I’ve total admiration for your talent at this gig!)

But the shadow of perfection sucks the joy out of my soul.
I’m swept up in the need to chase down some elusive goal.

To me you see the techie stuff is nothing but a farce,
And frankly I don’t know my bloggy elbow from my arse!

It’s like I’m treading water in a sea of blogging tricks.
I want to take it back to where at first I got my kicks.

I’m not sure where I’m heading? What I’m trying to achieve?
But 2 years in there’s still one thing I really do believe.

The awesome blog community‘s the greatest place on Earth.
The blogmin’s validated by it’s incredible worth.

The virtual cake, still gives me all the warm and fuzzy feels.
Each single like or follow holds the greatest of appeals.

I couldn’t give a toot now if my SEO is red.
I want to blog the random things that swim around my head.

I want to keep on reading and to share your stories too.
I want to feel like blogging’s still the greatest thing to do.

I know that In the scheme of things my following is small.
But that to me is perfect as I bloody love you all!

Each reader who pops by here is MY cause for celebration.

That’s all that really matters now.

I’m done with blogligation!

If you’re feeling the love for this post might I also suggest this absolute show stopper by The Squirmy Popple:  A Bloggers Guide To How Not To Give a Shit About SEO.  It had me doing a one person Mexican wave in my kitchen as I read!

All together now… “Say NO! S.E.O!”

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129 thoughts on “The Stat Race.

  1. LOVE this. I’m done with blogligation too! I may be small potatoes in the blogging world, but I like what I do and I’m proud of it, so I’m just going to keep doing my thang.

  2. Aww, this is beautifully, perfectly put Dawn!! I understand each and every bit! I always had a rule that I’d never look at my blog stats-one which I managed to keep until I really needed to look at them for a project (I had turned down everything that asked for stats until that point!) Now I check them daily… sometimes they make me happy, and sometimes they send me to an abyss! I feel like I’m done with blogging now-I took a break because I was having a period of anxiety/depression, but I realised that I hadn’t actually missed blogging at all while I hadn’t been doing it! As each week goes by, I keep making excuses to have ‘another week off,’ so I’m still not sure if I’ll be picking it back up or not. I never wanted to be a successful blogger, I wanted to be a writer-I want to write an article for someone, send it to them when it’s finished, and forget about it-not have to plug it all over social media! And blogging is getting in the way of persuing that (like you say, it’s a very time consuming unpaid job!) I do feel that your blog should be read by absolutely everyone though-rhyming world domination really should be yours!! X

    1. Lucy!! I did pop by your site for a nosy a couple of days ago actually. (You might have a tag coming your way from moi – feel free to decline of course). I noticed that things had been a little bit quiet at This Mums Life. Are you ok? I would be devastated to not have any more of your posts to read as they never fail to make me laugh, feel and ultimately make me want to high five you. We started at the same time and I’ve always followed / stalked you in admiration. I absolutely get how you feel though and it’s true that the blogging actually gets in the way of the writing side. You will honestly have a world of opportunities out there for you, but you have to go for it in a way that makes you happy. All the hugs. Always here if you fancy a rant. Or just to share gifs of JDM or whatevs. *hugs* xx

  3. Dawn you have just hit the nail on the head! The thing I find most frustrating about stats, is that no-one is that willing to share them (unless they are hitting like 100k views a month!) so you don’t actually know what is “good” and what is “really good”. I decided a long time ago that I wasn’t going to let it worry me, although I do occasionally have a pang of doubt about what I should be doing to increase the stats, but I figure writing good stuff will get me where I want to be (eventually!)

    1. I think you’ve got it spot on there Abi. There does seem to be an unwritten rule about not talking about your stats doesn’t there? I even cropped the numbers out of my world map just because? I think we’re all the same really and none of us really know what’s good so none of us share our stats in case ours are really rubbish in comparison? It’s maybe a good thing as if they ranked us directly on stats it would just be another stick for us to ourselves up with? Thanks for reading lovely xx

  4. Perfection!
    Also your poems could completely go viral. Copy and paste them onto Facebook and people would share like chicken pox, but people are too lazy to click through. You make amazing content and never doubt yourself!

    1. I really do need to do that don’t I? You see I’m such a Faceache numpty. I think I’ve gained about 4 followers this year? ? Right! I’m on a mission. Wish me luck and thank you! You’re my hero! ? x

  5. All the hearts for this!!!!!! ??? And this has come along on a day when I’m worrying about the fact that I’ve only published once this week and that writer’s block still reigns supreme at Lighty HQ!! So thank you!! xxx

    1. Oh hon don’t worry. I only ever publish once a week aside from my #DreamTeam posts or the odd (very infrequent) collaborative post. You’ll stamp down that block in no time I’m sure. Big bloggy hugs – and thank you xxx

  6. Loving this. Must save for bad mojo days.. I do it for therapy and the community support.
    But it’s tough to put words out there without checking that report.
    My heart and my soul gets poured on the page.
    Yet somehow those figures and likes take an age.
    And now you’ve woken the rhymes in my head
    When really I should be going to bed!
    So I’m making a vow to keep it “raw”
    And remember I’m not in it for anything more!


  7. As always you are absolutely spot on my lovely! I refrain from getting caught up in stats etc as I’m never going to be huge and I don’t want to put undue pressure on myself. Love this post every blogger should read it xxx #dreamteam

  8. It;s so funny that you write this now as I’ve been feeling the same amongst the blogging community too. It feels swamped with bloggers clambering over each other. But my love of writing is why I started so I’m hoping that my blog will continue. However, Instagram has a big pull with me these days and I find myself over there a little more than with my blog at the moment. Hoping the love of the blog will return. This post is brilliant though and I hate to admit it but I’ve never got caught up in SEO – I don’t know what it is. I try so hard to just write for the love of the words – I’m not saying it’s the right thing to do but I don’t get so hung up on stats. I love your line though about the people who read your posts – so so true xx #DreamTeam

    1. I think that writing for the love of the words is the only way to write. That shines through in your posts too Helen. I never used to care at all about SEO until that annoying little traffic light system appeared on my dashboard. My obsessive personality won’t let me rest until it’s green. Although I’m now drawing a line. Enough is enough. I’m fairly new to Instagram but I can definitely see the appeal. It’s so pretty over there and it works at a much quicker pace. Thanks for your comment lovely. xx

  9. Spot on Dawn as always. I have been blogging 2 years and keep trying to ignore my stats but those number charts are just soo tempting. I definitely feel like a much happier blogger when I’m just enjoying the writing and being part of the community rather than getting caught up in the numbers game. Xx #dreamteam

    1. There is so much support and happiness to be had in the community isn’t there. It’s just that driving need to achieve something from it that pulls at us. I’m pleased I’m not alone. Thanks Wendy x

  10. Interesting. I’m not sure if stats matter. I’m an actress and success comes in many forms and I think if we aim for stats, it would be like aiming for fame. I love your poems and identify so much with them as a mum. Thanks for your rhymes. #DreamTeam

  11. This could not have been said any better! …and in a poem too! I feel the same way, I still write because I love writing but I’ve started new projects now (Happy New Mum & an influencer network) because I felt so overwhelmed with trying to keep up with the stats and promote my blog and I lost the core reason why I started. I’m going to be completely honest here, [this is taboo to say] while the popular blogs are fantastic and they have worked very hard to get where they are, one of my favourites being Mother Pukka seriously love her writing, I think a lot of them got there more because of the promotion and stats rather than the writing. There are some fantastic writers out there that are not popular but because they aren’t as good at promoting their blog, they are lost in the sea of Tweets and Instagram photos. I don’t know where I’m going with this, but yes I agree with you. I love this post, definitely one of my favourites from you! You are an amazing writer and I’m impressed with all of your work! #dreamteam

    1. I know exactly what you mean. There is definitely enough space in Blogland for every one of us, but just so little space in our Twitter feeds. I get quite overwhelmed by the marketing and promotion side of things sometimes as they play such a huge part. Far more than I ever anticipated when I first hit publish. Thanks so much for your very kind comment. It really means a lot and it’s comments like that that make it all worthwhile. x

  12. I really love this. It so is another ‘unpaid job’. The time, effort and urge to keep up with the rest is exhausting and truly does suck the life out of me some day.
    Great post!

  13. This is quite possibly the best, funniest, most eloquent and damn right PERFECT post on blogging I have ever read :D. You’re amazing.

    I don’t even know what Klout is but the red Yoast thing annoys the shit out of me and the “0 people are viewing your page right now” is like being kicked in the groin repeatedly. Until the day you stop caring, hehe. I took a break recently when we traveled and I had little access to computers and the page views, of course, went down to below 0, but it felt freakin’ liberating :). The less I care about organic reach the more time I have to write about what matters and ultimately that’s what matters when basically my time to work on posts consists of 20 minutes on the Victoria line and half a lunch break 😉 #dreamteam

    1. Oh wow. I keep promising myself a blog break but when it comes to the crunch I never seem to be able to go cold turkey? I’m not entirely sure what klout is either. I have one. No idea how the fudge I influence it or what it’s doing there but I have one so that will have to do. The red light thing preys on my slightly obsessive personality and quite frankly I think it’s a bully. I am not giving it any more of my pocket money and that’s that! Let’s make a stand together… “SAY NO! S.E.O!” ? Thank you so so much for the gorgeous comment. *bloggy hugs* x

  14. Dawn this is brilliant – it’s like you’ve put my thoughts down in verse I swear! I’ve taken a big step back over the past couple of months really as I was feeling like blogging had totally lost it’s fun factor and was starting to become another chore on the To Do list. It was just what I needed. I think the problem really boils down to my ego, where once the goal was to enjoy writing a blog it turned into ‘all of the above’. The clicks, the likes, the comments became more important than enjoying the blog. In the end I was putting off writing a post because the thought of all the faff involved in promoting it – crazy!
    From now on I’m just going to blog first then decide if I feel like joining a linky or sending out scheduled tweets etc based on how much time I have that day/week.
    So glad to see it’s not just me – feels good to get back to the reason we started right? PS. I’m doing well to ever get amber on Yoast 🙂

    1. It’s so comforting to read that other people are feeling the same way. I’ve followed / stalked your blog for ever now and if you’re feeling it too then I know I’m in good company. The writing part is fun and just reading other blogs is great! It’s keeping that social media machine churning that sucks the life out of my bloggy soul sometimes. I’m all for keeping it real and you’re spot on, we’re doing this for fun – so it needs to be fun! Thanks so much Charlie xx

  15. Very well put! I def get caught up with stats, it’s easy to correlate it with how well you are doing until you pull it back to basics and remember why you started blogging in the first place. For me it started with an outlet for my thoughts and then no body reads your stuff. You explore the blogging world and how to get people on your site and discover all these stats…minefield!

    1. I often find that the actual writing of posts ends up somewhere near the bottom of my blog to do list and that can’t be right as that’s why I started in the first place? It’s a bit of a hamster wheel though isn’t it. Once you’re on you feel like you have to keep up for fear of falling on your face? Thanks so much lovely x

  16. YES!!!!! I love it!!! “Blogligations” can be addicting!!!! I have only been at this for a year, but I STILL don’t understand SEO and fricking long tail keywords!!! Oh my gosh…can I just WRITE!!!!!!!


  17. Ah I can’t stop giggling at this one! I was thinking today about the irony in blogging about how (in parenting terms) it’s so soul draining to compare ourselves to the seemingly perfect and successful, but checking my blog stats daily haha! I reckon if we popped in a few cat GIFs we’d be onto a stats winner…



    1. That’s where I’m going wrong clearly! More cat gifs are required obvs! (Smacks own forehead.) You are so right. I hadn’t even spotted the irony, but now you mention it… I think we bloggers have just shifted the competition! Thanks lovely xx

  18. Brilliant post. Love the rhyme. I’ve never really been into the stats so I think I was done with blogligation before I even started lol

  19. You are super amazing! I love all your posts, but this has to be one of my favourites by far. You have totally hit the nail on the head as to why I blog, it’s about getting stuff out of my head and having a bloody good time chatting to all the lovely bloggers out there #DreamTeam xxx

  20. LOVE this Dawn! It’s so true and I feel exactly the same way. I don’t think we really lose the blog juice at all, it just the competitiveness and time it takes to run the stat race that gets in the way. Thank you for being a fabulous #DreamTeam co-host with me xxx

    1. I’m convinced it’s still in there somewhere. It’s just tricky to find under all the to-do instructions and traffic lights isn’t it? Thank you so so much for being such an amazing host and having me along for the #DreamTeam ride! Xx

  21. I love it! As someone who has recently been feeling like I am just writing for only me to read it recently, it sums up how I am feeling perfectly! It’s so hard sometimes #dreamteam

    1. It is so easy to feel brow beaten when it feels like your hard work isn’t getting you anywhere, but I think it helps to know that you’re doing it for you and your own enjoyment if you can? It isn’t easy though is it? X

  22. Pretty sure you’ve got the gist of my thoughts by now, but if you needed reminding… your blog posts are perfection!!
    What stats can’t tell you is how much you make someone smile or laugh by reading your poems. And how disappointed they’d be if you ever stopped. In fact, they’d refuse to let you stop ? #dreamteam

  23. This really rang true with me as I’ve just found out that my Tots ratings have all been declared invalid. I was really gutted as I’d put so much work in and the felt like I wasn’t achieving anything. And the I stopped moping and thought about what I have actually done over the past 8 months in terms of my blog, my family and my work and realise d that there are more important things than a number. #dreamteam

    1. Oh no! How can they be invalid? I love and loathe the Tots rankings in equal measure (generally depending which way I’ve moved haha). There is no algorithm that can detect quality of writing though hon and I love your work! Who cares about a number anyway. ? xx

    I’ve felt the same and ran a post about this recently. I didn’t class myself as talented until Sally said I was! I thinks it’s key to try and just do it for the reason you want to, which for me is budget crafts, days out etc, and try and not get bogged down with stats. For me the disappointment was realising that blogger stats are so wrong and having to use Google Analytics was a big eye opener but hey I’m still at it!
    Keep going!

  25. You’ve reaffirmed to me that I need to stick to the approach of writing as and when I like – not to a schedule. I love your rhymes, they always make me laugh and make me think. thank you lovely x #dreamteam

    1. I always read that I should be blogging every day but I honestly can’t fit it in. Two preschoolers, job, house etc… You just have to do what fits with your life and commitments I think. Personally I think that putting yourself under pressure to write to a schedule doesn’t help anyone’s creative abilities. Thank you hon xx

  26. This rhyme has made me so happy. I’ve had ‘one of those weeks’ and for the first time in ages I had absolutely no desire to write. Or even read anything. So I skipped some linkys. I took a few days out. I found myself worrying about what impact that would have on my already quite tiny readership. Then I realised I didn’t care as my blog is mine and the fact that some people read what I write is just a bonus. I’m glad to know I’m not alone. And I love everything you write so you ignore what that flippin’ Yoast traffic light says. I hate that thing… #DreamTeam

    1. I think that we all go through spells like this don’t we hon. Sometimes the break does us the world of good and gives us the chance to refresh. Thanks so much for your lovely comment. Right back at you too! “SAY NO! SEO!” 😉 xx

  27. I LOVE this! I have been feeling this way a lot lately which is why I have taken a step back and reminded myself of the reasons why I blog. Stats are such an un-necessary part of blogging to me, I don’t care anymore, if people are reading my blog or not, I’d still write it! #dreamteam

    1. I think that’s such a great way to look at it Laura. It amazes me to read just how many people feel this way at times. The real reason that we all started is still there though and just as incredible as ever. So much love for your blog lovely. Thanks for your comment xx

  28. Oh Jeez I don’t think I’ve ever read a blog post in over three years of blogging that didn’t make me immediately want to skype call the writer to discuss the MANY ways in which I related to it, as much as this one!! Have you been spying on my chats to certain of our mutual blog friends the last week where I’ve been about to jump off the blog cliff? I won’t bore you with the detail but the last 4 months have been the toughest on the blog in some ways. Isn’t it ironic that has coincided with my goal of monetising the blog. I swear it just kills every frickin ounce of enjoyment. Then you write a post like the eyebrows one which you are super proud of (not in a ‘look at me aren’t I amazing?’ way which I’d never do anyway! but just in a warm happy way) and a load of people MISS the comedy entirely. Pffffffffttttttt. Don’t talk to me about stats. They’ve made my life utterly miserable.
    PS may I respectfully point out you’re talking tosh when you say you don’t have a voice. If you didn’t have a voice, I wouldn’t be voting for you as best writer in this year’s BiBs (out of 5 people I considered) xx #dreamteam

    1. Oh PRABS!! You have no idea how giddy that comment has just made me. I’m at work today and sat at lunch in the staff room reading (as you do) and I have literally just squeaked out loud. Thank you so so much. That’s such a huge honour!

      It amazes me to think that you feel this way too as you always come across so on top of it and your writing is always so natural and incredible! Your brows post made my face ache to read (in a good way). It was hilarious and I don’t know how anyone could miss that? I haven’t even dared to try and monetise the blog. SEO and stats alone are enough to hoover the joy out of it for me so I can imagine the next level must be a real slog at times. So so much love for this comment lovely. You have made my afternoon. Thank you xxx

  29. Here here. It’s a little buzz, the real pride comes with the wonderful REAL reach when people who actually care comment and love what you’ve written. Knowing in some way, some small way you’ve helped! #DreamTeam

  30. It’s such a huge commitment, though I do it of free will – EXACTLY!!!

    My housework’s been neglected in a fit of relegations.
    And re-prioritising in the name of “Blogligations“
    – My life exactly!!!

    I know that In the scheme of things my following is small.
    But that to me is perfect as I bloody love you all!
    – AMEN to that!

    BRILL post Dawn, spot on!!! Loved it.

  31. I have decided I dont care for stats… I lie. I need to know what they are, but I wont worry if they’re too low etc. I write for me, for my family and I have agreed I do not want a viral post. I want a natural growth, not a huge spike followed by a huge drop. However should the viral post keep me up there than I think we can all say we would not complain ahah! #dreamteam

    1. Haha the elusive viral post eh? I can’t see it happening for me but I’ve made my peace with it. Our lovely little blogging circle is all I need. Once you go viral the trolls can get you too can’t they – And not the pink haired singing and hugging kind! ? x

  32. AMEN to this! My goodness who knew there could be so many complexities in this strange little blogging world. But you’ve hit the nail on the head. The community makes it totally worthwhile!! #blogcrush

  33. I love this post and I think you’ve hit the nail on the head. We all get swept up in stats from time to time but we need to take it back to basics and remembering why we started in the first place! #dreamteam

  34. I absolutely love this!!!! I think every blogger will be able to relate to this – and I laughed out loud at your global reach, I have the same 🙂 x #DreamTeam

  35. Love this! It really can be a bit of a blogligation sometimes – and this is a good time for me to step away from the computer screen and blogging related activities and chill for the night ?

  36. Oh Dawn, you are such a genius – I couldn’t love this more! I know exactly what you mean and you have summed it all up…I feel like I’m always striving for more and more but not entirely sure why! Thanks for hosting #dreamteam with Annette and I lovely xx

    1. It can be exhausting can’t it. However much we give there is always more that can be done. Sometimes I stop and think “hang on a minute – what’s my destination?” The answer to which completely eludes me. I haven’t got a Scooby. I just know that I need to work harder to get there! ? Thank you for your gorgeous comment lovely x

  37. “Blogligation” is my new favourite word! I’ve only been blogging a year, but I still feel this pull to push for more and more – whatever you achieve, there’s always more to do and more to be. At times that can be really motivating… and at times it makes me despair.

    And, for the record, your posts HAVE to go viral one day – you’re brilliant and you have my vote every time! #blogcrush

    1. It’s like we’re all driven towards an elusive goal, Although most of us aren’t entirely sure what we want that goal to be? Whatever it is though we just know that we need to keep doing more to reach it? Thank you for your amazing comment. Big bloggy hugs x

  38. had a few giggles reading this one, unfortunately I still feel compelled to check my page views and visitor count every hour. If only I could spend that time making helpful or enjoyable content, like this post as provided me.

    1. Thanks very much Ryan! I don’t think I’ll ever stop clicking on my stats button, but I don’t think I’m quite so concerned with the actual numbers any more. I guess that’s a step in the right direction? Thanks for your comment! 🙂

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