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Mummies don’t get sick at all.
We never have a cough.
Thank goodness as we wouldn’t get a sniff of a day off.

And even if we asked them, our unsympathetic “boss”,
with all their best intentions, frankly wouldn’t give a toss.

It’s lucky that we never need to wallow in our bed,
We jump up with our “SUPERMUMMY!” costume on instead.

We never feel like road kill and we never need to sneeze,
While you run around incessantly, demanding “more juice peeese”.

It’s really quite astounding that we never catch the germs,
that you carry home from playgroup in your pocket full of worms.

We never need our eyes shut,
While CBeebies babysits.
We never have a fever and we never have the …erm flu?

We never need to rest ourselves, all wrapped up in our beds.
We’d much prefer the sofa while you bounce upon our heads.

It’s lovely when you snuggle up – and just WILL NOT LAY STILL!?
It never drives us potty as of course, we don’t get ill.

Mummies don’t watch Downton with a hint of jealousy,
While lucky sod Lord Grantham lies in bed and sips his tea.

We truly think it’s smashing when you want to be the Doc’,
And come to mend our poorly with a bandage (made of sock).

You want to be like mummy and we know you like to share,
And so it’s really touching when YOU throw up everywhere.

It’s lucky we don’t want to gag while cleaning up your sick
And even if we’re feeling grim, we sure recover quick!

The second that you need us we can “man up” in a shot!
And dash to get the calpol at the faintest sign of snot.

It truly is a blessing that we mums are never ill,
it’s spiffing how we’re fine with just
“The SUPERMUMMY Pill!!” *

(And just in case you Superdads and carers feel left out,
If you too are invincible you also get a shout!!) :0)

Active ingredients: coffee, coffee, CBeebies, cake, toast crusts, cake and child size milky way bars. (Not the kids. Obvs).

Possible side effects: Slight rocking motion whilst muttering “The Twirly Woos” theme.

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This rhyme was proudly featured as a guest post by the lovely Annette at 3 Little Buttons as part of her fabulous new #DreamTeam linky.  You can check it out here.  Thank you Annette!

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51 thoughts on “The SUPERMUMMY Pill…

  1. Brilliant! If only someone really could combine those essential active ingredients into a supermummy pill – they’d make a fortune. Erm, flu? Nice save 🙂 #justanotherlinky

  2. ‘Erm, flu…’ Love that!!!!! I go into massive panic mode at the first hint of illness in myself! Looking after children when ill is the single hardest thing I’ve ever done! Last year, all 4 of us had D&V at the same time… I named it ‘vomfest 2014,’ and it was rough… 2 puking adults looking after 2 puking children…*shudders and winces*
    Another amazing and clever post!

    1. Ooh that sounds pretty scary! ‘Vomfest 2014’ has a ring to it though – possible Halloween attraction for next year maybe? Thank you for popping by. Lovely to “see you” again 😉 x

  3. LOVE LOVE LOVE. And what was Lord Grantham doing just hanging out in bed, happy as larry, seemingly moments after spewing blood over the whole of the Abbey? Julian Fellowes, if only life was as you imagine it (bar Anna’s rape. That really was awful).

    1. I know? One minute he was covered in blood muttering his last words and the next he was considering smuggled tipples from Carson? Pah! Totally with you on “that story” series 4 was really difficult to watch at times. Well handled but totally out of character for the show in my opinion. Thank you for reading…

  4. Cough cough….yes I’m definitely not ill
    This post is absolute genius!!!!!! The Lord Grantham bit. He was fed up of being in bed??!!!! Erm give me a bed right now and I could stay in it for a month, no grumbles!
    Wonderful read!
    Vix x

    1. Thank you very muchly! I could have quite happily climbed into my telly and poked him in the eye at that bit. Can you imagine? Actual time in bed? Awake? With no small people screaming in the background? Never happens in our house – ever! Thank you for popping by. Dawn x

    1. I think that time in bed is now just a mirage… good to know it will get a little easier one day though. For now I’m looking for cake. Intravenously if at all possible. Thank you for reading and your lovely comments 🙂 x

  5. This is ace and so true. My poor wife has had a nasty, never ending cold for over a week now. No rest for her though! And if I’m sick I’d rather be at work most of the time as I am more likely to get a little rest and peace and quiet.
    Thanks so much for linking up to #fartglitter. x

    1. Aw bless her. Hope she’s on the mend soon. Sending cake! Totally agree though – much easier if I’m sick on a work day!? Thank you for hosting, pleasure to link up as always! #fartglitter x

  6. How did I forget how much I love your poems? I won’t miss another one, just bookmarked you.

    Now off to take my supermummy pill, I think its going to be one of those days x

    Renee @peonieandme #bestandworst

  7. Seems I’m running low on supermummy pills this afternoon. Got any spare? No? A glass of wine might be an OK substitute. Hump day drinking is OK, right?
    Thanks so much for linking up to #bestandworst x

    1. Totally ok! Running a bit low on the Supermummy pills but have tried snorting cake as a desperate alternative. Didn’t work. Have developed a twitch from excessive sugar consumption. Stick to wine. Much safer…. :0) x

  8. I’ve been taking all of the painkillers I can find this week as I can’t snuggle under my duvet and recover from my lurgy.. I need a supermummy pill! *notes down ingredients* – ooh sounds yummy! #bestandworst

  9. Suppermummy pills sound just the trick. I use to take a milder version called the wifey pill. What it does is totally transport any illness I may have to my hubby 24hrs after my first symptoms, so that he could claim the rights to being ill and I could go back to being supermum. (Current hubby is much nicer)

    1. Sounds charming!? And would I be correct in assuming that the illness also morphed into the “man version” during transportation? So you had a sore throat…. He develops a severe throat infection etc. Pleased your current hubby doesn’t call for such severe medication ;0) x

      1. Charming isnt a term many people used for him lol
        And yes, always the man version of it.
        current hubby is wonderfully different from the first xx

  10. Haha! Brillant! So true! We NEVER get ill. It is not in our dictionary. I love the active ingredients… – the toast crusts! That real got me! lol! I’m always the one finishing that off. Thanks for linking up with me again. #FabFridayPost xx

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