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To my Little Lady

This day is a precious occasion for me,
my by beautiful girl is about to turn three.

We know you’ll be giddy as soon as you wake,
and we know that you’ll love your balloons and your cake.

You’ll be so excited from head to your toes,

I’ll try to get photos but know you won’t pose!

You’re desperate to blow out your candles all three,
and you’ll do it alone now without help from me.

Three whole years have passed since our first precious touch.
The second I met you I loved you so much.

This last year I’ve seen you develop so fast.
A huge transformation to this year from last.

No longer a toddler you’ve magically grown,
and you’re now a young girl with a mind of your own.

With “Zing-zilla” hair that you won’t let me brush,
you don’t “do” getting dressed and you’re not to be rushed!

But you know how to reason and tell me what’s wrong,
the “terrible two’s” have now finally gone.

You love all your play dates with friends of your own,
fiercely independent you “do it on your n’own”

You’ve learned how to count and to chat and to play.
You’ve found your own feet and you’re stronger each day.

A beautiful sweetheart both out and inside,
each time that I see you my heart glows with pride.

You’re growing up quickly in front of my eyes.
I treasure the memories while time simply flies.

So here’s to the year as you grow to be four, and as each day passes we’ll just love you more.

Happy birthday sweetheart.

All my love always, Mummy x

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