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To Twiggy…. The Stick.

Image shows a small branch with a brown butterfly and a soft brown leaf.


You could never have know, what your purpose would be,
As you started your life as the seed of a tree.

Warm sunshine shone down onto rich gentle earth,
And a singular shoot marked your mystical birth.

You grappled to reach through the soil, for the sky,
Rooted firmly in place as the world rushed on by.

The years scurried past and seasons evolved,
As life’s endless cycle around you revolved.

The earth and the rain made you tall, strong and grand,
Stood proud in the woods over which you’d command.

But one day, it happened, by chance or by storm,
From your home and your tree, you were brutally torn,

And you fell to the earth laying still on the ground,
As the undergrowth gripped you, and moss grew around,

You stayed there a while as the frosty winds blew,
And you watched in despair as the other trees grew.

Then the silence was pierced by a loud shrieking sound,
With a start, you were grasped, and dragged up from the ground.

Once more, you were proud, as you reclaimed command,
And you found a new home in a little girl’s hand.

Image shows the shadow of a child playing in water with a stick.

You were damp, and decaying and starting to rot,
But your loving new owner could not give a jot!

You rejoiced in your mission, held tight in her grip,
To poke in the puddles and help her not slip.

You flew through the air and you glanced past the trees.
You were thwacked against rocks (and The Smaller Boy’s knees).

You were no longer useless, abandoned, alone.
But now ruling the world from your five-fingered throne!

And she ran through the leaves with you covered in mud!
… And then fell on her face, with a crack and a thud.


The two of you ended your story right there,
As the little girl’s parents wiped mud from her hair.

You were mortally wounded, with nothing to do.
You remained on the forest floor, snapped clean in two.

And the little one sobbed and she wailed, quite bereft,
As her poor little stick, was abandoned and left.

She mourned you at volume, quite helpless with grief.
And could not be consoled with more sticks or a leaf.

You were clearly her soulmate? Β Her twig and her friend.
She admired your bark and the fact you don’t bend.

You apparently forged quite a deep rooted bond,
As you foraged through sludge in the murky duck pond.

And although you had literally broken apart,
You had claimed a new home in that little girl’s heart.

So for hours she continued to shriek and to moan,
‘Til the grown ups lost their sh*tΒ  grew weary and took The Girl home.

Where she spent the whole day in a stick-mourning state.

So rest in peace Twiggy,
And thanks for that Mate!


Twiggy The Stick:
The Olden Days – 26 February 2017

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127 thoughts on “To Twiggy…. The Stick.

  1. Ah poor Twiggy!! But He will live on through your words. May he never be forgotten (well at least not by yourself and Daddy Pig…you might want to live in hope that Miss Tot forgets all about him!!) xxx

  2. RIP Twiggy! It’s funny what kids get attached to, isn’t it? The Popple carts around weird things all the time and gets very upset when I take them away – even if they’re rubbish. Literally. #DreamTime

    1. Oh I know exactly what you mean. I’ve just written my next post for Meet Other Mums about this very thing. My eldest found one of her “treasures” in the bin somehow the other day? *gasp* I have no idea how it got there… ? x

  3. Ahaha Dawn you are hilarious and so clever! Poor Twiggy and poor little one ? I love the things they decide are the best things ever… although I can’t really talk because my version of a blankie as a small child was an old shell suit jacket ??? (Only if you’re born in 1990 eh?!) #DreamTeam

  4. “And thanks for that mate” hilarious!!! My autistic brother once made friends with a rock in Tenerife (rocky rock star) and my dad was pulled aside by concerned airport security staff when they spotted a large mass in his hand luggage. There were some serious tearful goodbyes at the departure gate when he was told rocky rock star had to stay in his own country, and he’s refused to go abroad ever since! #DreamTeam

  5. Hi Dawn, I couldn’t help but shed a tear for Twiggy The Stick. I’d like to think that in some crazy way we help sticks like Twiggy fulfil their lives by using them to keep warm. Tonight, as I light the fire I will spare a thought for all those lost, broken and lonely sticks alone in fields and hills.


  6. Oh I think is one of my favourite posts of yours! This happens to us pretty much every weekend! Both my girls have their own “stick collections” AND “rock collections” (both of which were actually wrapped and stuck on the moving van when we moved house because they were so “precious”! Haha)

    RIP Twiggy… #dreamteam

  7. Oh no, I really felt for little Twiggy by the end πŸ™ what a way to go, but I’m sure he will treasure forever the wonderful little girl who showed him those few hours of fun after he fell from the tree #DreamTeam

  8. So much to love about this one Dawn – the beautiful appreciation for the heritage of that stick, and the wonder of nature…and the weird obsessions kids have with sticks!
    We have a box on the dining table currently containing a fair few – then there’s the ones by the front door, the back door, and in the wendy house. Oh, and the back of the car…and don’t even get me started about when I had to retrace my steps on the school run last week because the mouse dropped one en route!
    (I am quite partial to the odd stick too as it goes…EXPELLIARMUS!)
    x #DreamTeam

    1. I am so pleased to find that you too are at one with the sticks! I’m rather impressed that you have advanced to spells with yours. We haven’t got that far yet. She’ll have The Boy’s eye out trying to do “Wingardium Leviosa” next… Thank you for the #twiglove ? ? x

  9. RIP Twiggy! we miss you;p It’s so nice that someone can like so much a…stick:D As always fabulous read:) you always made my day:)

  10. I can so relate to Little Girl! I would find a new partner (hiking stick) on every outing and it always felt like losing a friend when I had to leave it at the end of the adventure and go home. I also became attached to rocks that I would kick all the way to school and home again …

  11. So much love for this!

    So for hours she continued to shriek and to moan,
    β€˜Til the grown ups lost their sh*tΒ  grew weary and took The Girl home.
    Where she spent the whole day in a stick-mourning state.
    So rest in peace Twiggy,
    And thanks for that Mate!

    πŸ™‚ #dreamteam

  12. RIP Twiggy. We have had many of these, the many sticks we have mourned the loss of. However, when we drop or break a stick the dog takes it and chews it up! #DreamTeam

  13. So well written. You sent me on a rollercoaster of emotions including sadness for the stick and little one, while giggling at how absurd it really is. I never imagined that a poem about a stick could be such a well written piece. #DreamTeam

    1. Ah thank you so much. Of all the pieces I’ve published, this one is the one I’ve had the most doubts over. I’m so pleased that people seem to have got it though and there is such a lot of #twiglove out there. ??

  14. Poor twiggy! This brought back memories of my childhood! My Dad and I couldn’t go on a Sunday afternoon walk without finding a good stick to walk with – it became a ritual! #DreamTeam

  15. Love this poem! Especially since the girls and I have gotten to reading and watching the Lorax, by Dr. Suess. I am a lorax, I speak for the trees! And so does your beautiful poem! #dreamteam

  16. Oh bless little twiggy! I dont know why, but your poem reminds me of stick man a bit. I love the animation and reading this really brought it to mind πŸ™‚ I never know how you do it, but another great poem. Emily #DreamTeam

  17. This is everything :). It reminded me of Stick Man which I love reading to my son even when he zones out after page 3. Yes, sure, go brush your teeth, mum is just gonna, erm, keep reading your book. Your post is brilliantly written, funny and moving xx #dreamteam

    1. Oh thank you very much Joana. I must admit that Stick Man is a favourite of mine too, and I didn’t directly have him in mind when I wrote this, but he think he definitely must have inspired it in some way! Huge fan of Julia Donaldson’s work. Xx

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