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Toddler Gifts…

A gift is a beautiful, meaningful thing.

Like flowers or wine or a sparkly ring.

And The Tots are quite eager to show that they care,

There aren’t many things they’re not willing to share…

… Like bodily functions or hideous germs.

Or things that they’ve foraged like nettles and worms.

Of course I’m enchanted! A proud Mum indeed,

When they rush up to greet me presenting a weed.



They show me their love in their own special way,

and find new delights to bestow every day.

Last week Master Tot gave his Grandma a treat,

As she caught forty winks in a soft cosy seat.

The Boy was exploring with finger up nose.

(As that’s where he keeps it and that’s where it goes.)

When his snout archaeology trip headed south…

Out came his finger… straight into her mouth!

His Grandma awoke and was truly impressed

At this beautiful gesture! How utterly #blessed !?

And not just The Boy – Miss Tot’s wonderful too!

She once kindly passed me a handful of …. (Yep – I’m going there!)

And thinking perhaps it was chocolate or cake,

I took it and sniffed.

Which was quite a mistake.

At Pre-School I’m frequently met at the door,

with 186 sheets of A4.

Each lovingly held out at maximum reach,

With one tiny line or a squiggle on each.

And I proudly exclaim – “Oh my word! What a star!”

As I try to work out what the fudge they all are?

My pockets are weighed down with pebbles and grit.

A half eaten sweet and all manner of sh*t!

But I’ll take that old tissue and discarded sock,

That dead caterpillar, that leaf and that rock.

I’ll walk ’round with stickers adorning my bum,

Whilst wearing her headband because I’m their Mum!

I’ll cherish my bounty of discarded toot,

As these are their precious possessions – their loot!

And each of these treasures are shared from the heart,

To show that they missed me while we were apart.

To say that “I wanted to share this with you.”

Or “This tasted yummy – Here Mum, have some too!”

That “We can’t give you much as we’re both still quite small,

But here’s what we have,

and we’ll give you it all.”




This post originally featured on the fabulous Meet Other Mums blog page, for whom I am proud to be a regular blogger.

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86 thoughts on “Toddler Gifts…

  1. Oh how true this is! It’s like that quote which says “when a child hands you a pebble, take it. It may not be much to you but it’s all they have and they chose to give it to you” love the sentiments – even if it does mean keeping crushed, wilted daisies in my pockets! Thanks for hosting #fartglitter

  2. I think this is one of my favourite blogs you’ve done. How absolutely delightful of Master Tot to give his grandma a salty finger, (mmm what a treat), and Little Miss Tot to give you a bum nugget (so very kind) ?? We’re so lucky to receive such wonders ? Brilliant and very very funny post. Good work Dawny. Gem x #fartglitter

  3. This is brilliant – have to share!

    You really have a great way with words & rhyming. That’s really lifted my mood! Love the part where Master Tot gives his Granny a surprise present – I’ve been the receiver of this present many many times (amongst others you have also mentioned above!).

    Excellent post.

    1. I did have to stifle a giggle when Mstr Tot’s grandma phoned me a few days later to tell me about her awful cold that she suspected her grandson had given to her. Literally! Sharing is caring and all that? 😉

      Thanks for such a lovely comment. Have a great Monday and thanks for linking up (or trying to anyway – hopefully see you at 7). Thanks again for letting us know. Dawn 🙂

  4. Our once cocktails and shoes have now been replaced with love weeds and poos. My littilest ones called the one’s she likes to blow “wishing flowers”. I just can’t bring myself to correct her and tell her that they are truly just weeds. But when it comes to poop and boogers…I become cray cray mommy. As a matter of fact just today I saw one of my little wipe they’re snot on the wall and I about came unglued. Like seriously did I do that at that age. I am quite positive that I have hated boogers since I came out of the womb. Haha. Thanks for hostessing #fartglitter :))

    1. I am quite sure that you have never had such things lovely! Me too for that matter ? We’ve had a day at the beach today and the snot candlesticks have been demonstrated in magnificent fashion with the sand stuck to them. Bleughh. Kids are gross! If it’s ok by you I’m so pinching “love weeds” – just perfect! ? Thanks for commenting and linking up x

    1. Yup, without causing offence or cries of “What do you mean?? It’s a unicorn eating spaghetti?? What else would it be?? Seriously mother I don’t know why I bother…” It’s tricky. Very tricky. 😉 x

  5. Poo?? Oh noooo! My daughter likes to
    Wipe her hands on me, rather than use a wipe. I’m also the crap mum who only sticks things up from nursery if I know what they are! Hehe. Thanks for hosting lovely xx

    1. I like that rule! I tend to leave them in the boot of the car (we have to drive to and from nursery) and see if she remembers the 187 sheets of A4 with one line on that have been kept there safely. She has around 4 days, then they mostly get filed under B1N unless I can recognise something. I still need about 74 fridges though. Just so many sheets of A4 every week! 😉 Thanks lovely xx

  6. Haha, I have a file absolutely groaning with sheets of A4 marked with one solitary squiggle that I can’t face chucking away! I’ll need a mini-library for it all by the time the eldest starts school. Thanks for hosting #fartglitter ?

    1. A file sounds like a good idea! Maybe we could start recycling the ones with one squiggle on and keep getting them back out to be added to? Eventually you’d have a file full of masterpieces! Thank you for commenting x

  7. Another fab read – you are so clever. You have to love a child’s gift and it doesn’t just stop with toddlers. My pockets are still stuffed with rocks although now he saves them for his rock collection #fartglitter

    1. Ah so I have many more years of gifts ahead of me? Lovely! Might see if I can encourage my two to start a feather collection – bit lighter on the pockets! Ooh or a chocolate collection maybe….? 😉 Thank you x

  8. Another great rhyme, that captures this side of toddlers perfectly. It is just so true that they want to share as they explore their world and I love all the details. As for poor Grandma and the finger up her nose – yuck!! Alison x #fartglitter

  9. Ahah I love this! It’s funny isn’t it how you can be equally touched and disgusted in the same measure? My little guy isn’t quite old enough for gifts yet (although he does LOVE poking my face and putting his fingers in my mouth/nose/ears/eyes) but my nieces and nephews have presented me with many half eaten crisps over the years, which I must always accept with delight. #fartglitter

    1. Mmmm soggy crisps *gags*. I just love the matter of fact way in which these things are generally presented too. Like “Have this!” (Half digested piece of banana). Charmed I’m sure! 😉 Thanks lovely x

  10. Oh god, the line about poo!

    My daughter is constantly presenting me with things, including pieces of dust and fuzz she’s found in the carpet. What else can you say but, “Ooh, thank you”? She’s always so pleased with herself. #fartglitter

  11. I wouldn’t mind if Little R would start giving me gifts like a lie in in the morning, or breakfast in bed 😉 But actually I love her little gifts, even the gross ones! Absolutely adore your poetry, I look forward to reading them again!

  12. Ahh, that was both funny and ‘bless’. I’ve definitely been adorned with stickers on my bum and had to wear or manner of gifts! I get a lot of artwork from my youngest saying ‘I love you Mummy’ – doesn’t get any better than that does it!
    As always – a pleasure to read your fabness 🙂 #fartglitter

    1. Aw that’s so lovely! I must admit I love it now my eldest is at nursery and I get actual surprise cards made for me for mother’s day etc (that I haven’t had to supervise the making of myself haha). Thank you very muchly! 🙂 x

  13. You made me laugh (hard) and then cry. Too many emotions!! So sweet. But seriously, the finger up the nose things? That is where my son keeps his, too. :/

  14. ha ha yes I can relate. I am constantly getting daisy’s picked for me (which is probably a sign that I need to cut the grass but anyway…) and I laughed out loud at At Pre-School I’m frequently met at the door, with 186 sheets of A4 – yep this happens most days, then I feel bad if I dont stick them up on the wall, our kitchen now looks like an art gallery xxx #fartglitter

    1. Haha mine too! I seriously need a bigger fridge. I have started to (I want to say “palm some off” but I’m going to go with “gift”) some of the treasured masterpieces to the grandparents. Works a treat! 😀 xx

  15. Aww this is so sweet. My boy is always picking weeds for me haha. And he picks up stones and acorns and give them to me as presents, it’s so sweet. I am building quite the rock collection at the moment! Another beautiful poem Dawn xx #FartGlitter

    1. Thank you Wendy! We now have a shell / rock section in the garden. It comes in useful and you can put the pretty ones on top and erm, bury the not so pretty bits at the bottom / in the bin *coughs*. Thank you for your lovely comment hon xx

  16. Love this – it’s so true, my reception class children used to gift me all manner of objects – quite often milk bottle tops wrapped up to look like a present lol! These days Arthur’s gifts usually consist of a snotty kiss or a garden weed but I know what’s coming and I’m actually looking forward to using it as an excuse to look for q bigger house lol #fartglitter

    1. Ooh I can imagine as a teacher that you must have accumulated some amazing quantities of tat erm sorry I mean treasure over the years! 😉 Can’t beat a snotty kiss though can you? It’s best when they plant one on you unexpectedly and you have to run off to baby wipe your mouth. #blessed lol. Thanks lovely x

  17. I love this so much! Although, I was smiling and nodding along at the funny, quirky bits, and then BAM! You well and truly got me with the soppy bit at the end. Lovely 🙂

    1. Thank you Liz. Soggy food with sand in it. Mmmm. Yummy. We had a beach day earlier this week and my littlest literally ate a handful of sand before I could stop him. It was apparently so nice that he didn’t want to share any of it? Thank you for commenting 🙂 x

  18. Another excellent one Dawn, I miss the days when my pockets were filled with all manner of rubbish. There ain’t nothing wrong with that second hand lolly when you’re in deed of a mid afternoon sugar hit and there is no cake insight.

    I’ve got this vision of Granny waking up from her forty winks coughing and gagging. I suppose that will teach her to nap without wearing a surgical mask!


    1. I know – I mean what was she thinking? I really did have to fight not to laugh when she told me about the horrible cold that she had been “given”. Literally. ? I’m secretly with you on the lolly too. Sometimes needs must! ? Thanks Debbie xx

  19. This was so sweet, you are a talented writer. This poem made me cry, I actually would like to print it out and frame it for my baby room! #momsterlink

  20. awww that is so cute whilst being hilariously funny too. Bubba has just started moving around and I got handed a random piece of onion skin… dont ask me where the fudge she got it from I am just glad it didnt end up in her mouth!!

    Thanks for linking to #ablogginggoodtime

  21. Swinging back around very late from #momsterslink. The summer has been a busy one for this clan. We just got back from a 5 day camping and boating trip with absolutely no cell or internet service. I have 2 days to catch up on blogging and then I will be getting ready for my best friend whose coming for a whole week!

  22. What a brilliant post. I have two boys who love nothing more than gathering leave for mama! I regualarly find twings, leaves etc in school bags and sports bags

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