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A Toddlers Guide To Moving House.

By Rhyming with Wine Gums aged 4 3/4 

And introducing Rhyming with Midget Gems aged 2 3/4.

Image shows a large teddy lounging in an old fashioned suitcase.

Now and then our grown ups get these things called “itchy feet”.
But rather than just scratching them – they choose to change their street.

They get this sudden feeling that the place we know as home,
No longer cuts the mustard so they get this urge to roam?

It’s no use trying to reason, best to let them do their thing,
Who knows what opportunities for mischief it might bring?

The first bit if we’re honest is a little bit obscene.
They get this weird fixation that all things must now be clean?

Our things get stuffed in cupboards that would once be on the floor,
We’re told with no uncertainty to “NOT OPEN THAT DOOR”.

Strange people come to look around and nosy at our stuff.
Then offer us some pennies but it’s never quite enough.

Until one day a sign goes up that says the house is “SOLD”
Apparently that’s really very good.
…Or something? …So we’re told?

Which brings new opportunities for getting in the way.
Huge stacks of cardboard boxes make a brilliant soft play!

The grown ups get all tetchy and let lots of rude words slip.
Half the things we own go to this new place called “The Tip”?

But who needs toys now anyway when we’ve got “Bubble wrap”?
For all our bubble popping needs! (Or just to have a nap?)

As things get put in boxes we can make the grown ups shout,
By waiting til their backs are turned and taking stuff back out.

Dinner will be using up the things from in the freezer.
Chicken nuggets, 2 fishfingers, waffles… just a teaser.

And the bestest bit of moving house so far as we can see,
Is unrestricted I-pad and unlimited TV!

But grown ups find it quite hard work and might just come across,
As though they’re wearing grumpy pants and permanently cross.

We don’t see what the drama is, it isn’t all that bad.
They just don’t handle pressure well like every mum and dad.

So if they’re in a hurry and they’re getting kind of stressed,
It’s best to maybe humour them and “just get fluffing dressed!

We’ll nag them both incessantly
We’ll wait both calm and patiently to find out what’s in store.
And ultimately, each get brand new bedrooms to explore.

We’re really quite excited, so much so we both could squeak!
In fact I think we’d rather like to move again.

Next week!

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4 thoughts on “A Toddlers Guide To Moving House.

  1. Hi Dawn, I don’t have as much time as I used to, so don’t get time to read as many blogs but I’m glad to see you’ve not lost your rhyming touch! Moving house and going on holiday are perfect excuses to feed the family the dregs from the freezer, I really think I must give it a go!


    1. Hi Debbie! Aww thank you so much for popping by. I’m so guilty of not visiting your blog for a while. I don’t get to many linkies now that I co-host #DreamTeam but I always love your posts. I’m on my way… pop the kettle on. 😉 xx

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