We love a Liebster Award!

My little phone beeped twice last night (in fact it gave me quite a fright!?)

Imagine my excited glee to find that you awarded me??

Huge thanks to two new blogging pals (they truly are such lovely gals).

It really was so very nice, to see that I’d been chosen twice!

Sugar and Spice and All Things Spliced   and   Author’s Chair

I’ve put their links here (just above), so you might show them both some love.

And now I think it might be time, for me to quit with trying to rhyme,

I’ll switch to words to have my say, (well just for this post anyway)…..

……Basically I can’t think of anything that rhymes with Liebster.  But here it is…. :0)

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The Liebster Award is awarded by fellow bloggers to other bloggers, to encourage the support of writers and to help others discover new, fantastic blogs and content.

When you are nominated you are required to explain the award and to nominate fellow bloggers whose content you enjoy reading and would like to share with others. So here are my two nominees:

Rhyming Mummy – I love this blog by a fellow poet.  Her recent post Big Girl’s Bed has had me snorting into my tea in a fit of giggles this morning.  She is a very talented poet and writes lovely posts, some funny, some moving but all beautifully written.

Mommy’s Little Princesses – This is a lovely blog by a mum of two beautiful little girls.  The youngest of which has just celebrated her second birthday and her mum wrote a really sweet piece about the reality of our children’s birthdays, and how they might not always go exactly as we’d planned (but that they will have an amazing time anyway!)  Holly’s 2nd Birthday – Happy Birthday Snuggle Bunny!

Both of these blogs are quite new to me, as is blogging as a whole! I started posting around a month ago as a bit of a hobby.  I have always been a huge fan of other Mum’s and Dad’s blogs and I can honestly say that they kept me sane, especially through those dreaded 3am night feeds (*shudders!)

As for the rhyming?  Well I guess it is just something that I’ve always quite enjoyed doing, but as they’ve always been given away in birthday cards / wedding gifts etc, I’ve never actually kept them to look back on.  Much as having two tiny tots is erm (*thinks of suitable word) “relentless?” I know that I will always look back at these precious years and wish that I was back in the thick of it all. What better way to record the special times and the giggles than with a blog?

I am so touched that people take the time to read and comment and share my posts and I am thoroughly enjoying my new Adventures In Blogging.

So thank you to everyone for your support of the blog so far; I’m now passing the Liebster Award baton on and hope that you will all support my chosen nominees, too!

5 thoughts on “We love a Liebster Award!

  1. Ah you got nominated twice, great stuff! I love the poems, how do you come up with them?! I must show them to my Dad actually as he sends us a poem from wherever they are in the world on their travels (& they travel A LOT!!)! Looking forward to more xxx

  2. Love your blog hon and all they rhyming you do it makes it all the more unique! Thanks for the shout out I really appreciate.xx

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